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Some may be surprised to learn that a GLAAD musician who previously criticized MTV for being nominated for VMA’s Best New Artist has now created an anti-gay t-shirt. On the group’s Golf Wang Tumblr, Tyler, who creates a lot of the band’s merchandise, unveiled the shirt Thursday night and posted a message about how he came up with the idea.

The shirt is a little off-putting, with a design that modifies a well-known rainbow-colored symbol of white supremacy. In a rambling statement, Tyler describes his interest in totalitarianism, contemporary white nationalist movements, and propaganda. He also explains why he created the shirt as a rapper who is frequently assumed to be homophobic.

As a result, it's no surprise that Tyler The Creator Merch is some of the most popular items among fans of the artist



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CH23 t1_j26vk0s wrote

I am confused by OPs post


thisizusername t1_j27unl2 wrote

Let's focus less on being confused, and more on immediately burning people at the stake. I mean, why think about it, right?


JaymesGrl t1_j26yjzw wrote

So which garments are the anti homophobia ones? A quick browse just shows the text you copied, but not the item mentioned. I don't see anything referencing homosexuality apart from some rainbow colours on the other stuff. Is the t-shirt with GOLF in rainbow letters the item in question?

I expected something more interesting then a rainbow coloured logo.


Free-form_Suffering t1_j28iirp wrote

Well, that's one weird way to advertise. How about stop spamming the Tyler thing?


GlueForSniffing t1_j29nt76 wrote

I'm at a "Kardashian in a library " level of being lost right now.