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arlondiluthel t1_j1y1djc wrote

You listen to mostly mainstream music and are likely under 30.


Abacab4 t1_j20hlie wrote

The Smiths are mainstream now?


stibbzy t1_j2228dp wrote

The Smiths are insanely popular so yes 💀


Abacab4 t1_j227tu7 wrote

Among who? Genuine question. I grew up in the 80s in Pennsylvania and never heard them on the radio or MTV. Never knew about them until some 20 years later. (They’re great of course)


ElebertAinstein t1_j22mr15 wrote

The big bands of New Wave are pretty mainstream these days, maybe in part due to New Wave satellite radio stations. I’m a teacher and a lot of kids are big into their parents’ music from the 80s and 90s right now. Also, Morrissey is kind of a cultural phenomenon in Latino communities.


LawdyDaa t1_j1y95k1 wrote

Grew up in the 90s, maybe early 00s, probably white, male, into underground fashion more than mainstream, probably liberal. Idk, assuming things about people, especially based on music taste, isn’t something we should practice lol


Start-Past t1_j1zqctz wrote

not liberal if he listens to Kanye. yuck


No_Particular_490 t1_j20afnr wrote

I'm liberal and I listen to Burzum, you can do a lot worse than kanye lol


LawdyDaa t1_j20i2gw wrote

Republicans listen to rage against the machine. Your music taste doesn’t determine your political affiliation.


Start-Past t1_j22j8d8 wrote

then why was if brought up in the comment at all?


LawdyDaa t1_j25o0tq wrote

Because someone asked and people are responding? And where was political affiliation brought anywhere in OPs post besides your comment? You’re confusing on a lot of points here lol to clarify(because you’re ‘asking’) just because someone, for example a child, asks for something doesn’t always mean the behaviour or conversation is worthwhile/productive/progressive for anyone or thing.

As a matter of fact, people are more detrimental in behaviour than helpful, that’s why we have to learn good habits and manners, so to think anything such as judging people is worth supporting simply because someone asks, is detrimental to not just the person who is reinforced a negative idea by mob mentality but the observing society as well, so to call out judging people as a behaviour not worth supporting while also trying to be helpful and answer their question seemed to me at the time as the best most helpful answer.

I can admit I’m being nitpicky, but I know I’m right, judging people is boring because it’s often inaccurate if you care to research a person/thing honestly and with due diligence, you’ll find people are both simple and very complicated. I guess it’s not boring to people who believe their mind without ever finding out the truth but that’s a whole different problem.

Anyways, can you admit why you’re so nitpicky? Kanye’s not a great person, judging people is not a good habit(even if someone asks), I’m still trying to support OP’s question. Where’s/what’s the problem you’re so adamant about? Lol you barely even try to make sense, confusing lol


LawdyDaa t1_j20hmeg wrote

This creates an interesting point. Separating an artist from their work after seeing their humanity or lack thereof depends on the person. Art kind of belongs to the public once it’s released. Does every wedding that plays Michael Jackson suddenly become a pedo party? What about any classic rock-same pedo party? Artists are flawed people given insane amounts of social insurance and money until we’re reminded they are human too.

Also, Kanye is crazy and an anti-semite, but listening to his music doesn’t change your political views and a LOT of other artists put their blood sweat and tears into making Kanye’s music.

It’s a weird subject for sure but if applied to everything then no one could get anything done or ever enjoy themselves. It’s nice to be righteous and want to support what is only positive but the logic is weak in this flawed life and it’s unfair to only apply it to one person. Dig deep enough and everybody has blood on their hands, a guilty conscience, plenty of things to be ‘cancelled’ for. That said, it makes sense to want the world to ignore the crazy crying bigot in the room and not give him more money but, well, he’s made a LOT of good music and if he somehow found someway to stfu and maybe even perform an apology campaign I have a very strong feeling his followers would pop back up and blame it on his divorce/kids being taken/drugs/downfall in popularity.

Another example: Bowie was an outward racist when he was the White Duke, then everyone hated him and his music was bad so he went oh, sorry, I lost myself in the character I made up on too much coke. And no one cares anymore, he even married a black girl and named his last album black star, but no one who listens to bowie is called a racist. Life is weird. The kids will find Kanye and they will like the music, some will be taught about his antics, some won’t, but his discography will persevere whether we like it or not, he was a monster in the music industry.


Kmoneyfresh t1_j1y2jex wrote

You should try to listen to something that’s not mainstream. There’s a lot of great music not made by big record labels


Notinyourbushes t1_j1ye1et wrote

Weird that your favorite groups span 40 years and people are acting like you're only listening to today's top 40.

It's a broad selection and I'll give you props for that, but you are kinda cherry picking the most popular of each genre. You're not limiting yourself to one style of music, but you could be digging deeper.


SyntaxxWasTaken t1_j1y4xag wrote

You’re the kinda guy to only know two Kanye songs


greatbin t1_j1ys7o7 wrote

you breath air. also I think and correct me if i'm wrong but you also eat food


rondonjon t1_j1y20ha wrote

You made it to the 90’s and that’s alright with me. I like most of those, but only one (perhaps two) would make my top 15. Keep exploring and check back in 10 years and see what’s changed.


OfficerHotpantz t1_j1y7tw2 wrote

You're bimusical. "I'm not picky, just looking for a good time".

Edit: P.S. ya slut.


Malice_n_Flames t1_j1ydd16 wrote

How old are you?

Edit: that’s not an insult. Didn’t read comments first


[deleted] t1_j1yb5fh wrote

Please take a trip into the past, even if it’s not your generation. Music today is based around image, not sound or talent. Try pre 1980 before MTV. Not just rock and roll, but funk, soul, Motown, Jazz fusion traditional blues…Hell even the big band sounds of the 1930s and 40s.


AccountantsNiece t1_j1yvwjb wrote

Your record collection is very meat and potatoes


Thalassophoneus t1_j1zdk3p wrote

When people offer you to play some music you like, you say "I don't know guys, the stuff I listen to are not relaxing or very pleasant to most people".


Harm1m t1_j1zjpuy wrote

You enjoy being sad.


flaccidObama t1_j1zmkm6 wrote

Needs some metal. (Ghost doesn't count)


DiegoMrProducer t1_j2097nz wrote

You asked to be judged, so here goes. Because of Nirvana and The Smiths, I can’t say “you suck”. But you definitely need help. 😂


macemillion t1_j20imh8 wrote

I don't judge schizophrenics.


max3pad t1_j20j0fa wrote

I'm just gonna assume that you're clinically depressed.


jlpeascoe t1_j21e8q5 wrote

Only one of those artists/bands makes it into my top 50.


GlueForSniffing t1_j21mjl5 wrote

My judgment is that there isn't enough Florence + the Machine wink-wink

But no I love a lot of the bands.


GrotusMaximus t1_j21u8cw wrote

You’re young and desperately want people to think you have great taste in music.


chrisco125 t1_j1y2048 wrote

You might be 25 years old. Branch out


spookyaction8 t1_j1y27v1 wrote

Just told the dude with Black Midi on his list to branch out 😵‍💫


arlondiluthel t1_j1z88en wrote

It's basically all rock and mainstream/"radio-friendly" hip-hop. There are plenty of genres that are completely absent from this list.


Monsieur_Moneybags t1_j1y29jx wrote

You're dull and have terrible taste in music. No offense.


Apostate_Nate t1_j1ysyst wrote

Saying "no offense" after being pretty deliberately offensive doesn't clear you of being a jackass.


Monsieur_Moneybags t1_j1z9b5m wrote

I never claimed it did. The OP asked us to judge him so I gave my honest judgment. That's not being a jackass. If the OP doesn't want people to say how they honestly feel and only wants compliments then he/she shouldn't ask a bunch of internet strangers to judge him/her. The true jackasses are those who have trouble with honesty.


Apostate_Nate t1_j1z9nh8 wrote

Delivery matters, so does tone, so do the specific words used - and yes, you're a jackass, which you just confirmed. "I think you should explore some music that isn't so mainstream" says just about the same thing, without being a jerk.


Monsieur_Moneybags t1_j1zc6d2 wrote

I'm sure you're incapable of seeing the irony of your tone. And who said anything about "mainstream"? There's plenty of good mainstream music.

I'm sorry you have trouble with people expressing how they honestly feel. Good luck trying to force your neutered language on others.