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I don’t make much so i cant buy the fancy shit but the ones i can afford all last a year at best. I prefer non bluetooth cause i always forget to charge even my phone let alone headphones.

But like i said they never seem to last.

Anyone know of any good headphones that look cool, are comfortable, sound good and last long without easily breaking? Maybe one that has the option for bluetooth and wires? I listen to music almost 24/7 so i need to invest in something actually good but whenever i look it up i still get ripped off.



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whitebeltinhaiku t1_j06jifa wrote

Best wired ones I've had were Sennheiser, by FAR.

Best wireless ones were Bose, either Soundsport or Quiet Comfort.


IndieAndAShow t1_j06y2ae wrote

I second this. For under £100-£150 you can get some seriously good speakers. Had mine for 6-7 years. The only thing I’ve done is replace the ear cushions for about £8. Bose are also good, but think you pay for the name more, so Senny’s are probably best value for money


Groningen1978 t1_j06l451 wrote

Same, and they are sturdy and you can easily replace worn cups and cables on the bigger over ear ones.


as_it_was_written t1_j06l8he wrote

Not sure if they fit your criteria for looks, but the Sennheiser HD25 can take a beating, and they sound good.

How are the headphones only lasting you a year, though? Are you breaking the outer parts or playing so loud they start rattling eventually?


cloudymeatballdude OP t1_j06wqoo wrote

I do listen to a lot of loud music, metal at full volume but that’s not why, usually the wire is the problem. I’m not rough with them but the wire starts to do that annoyin thing where you gotta adjust it to hear better


as_it_was_written t1_j07bjtm wrote

If that happens yearly and your headphones aren't crappy quality, that means you are rough with them, even if you're not aware of it. (I tend to get the same problem eventually, and at least in my case it's entirely because I'm too rough with the cable and bending it in unintended ways since I've got my phone in my pocket. It might feel natural for us to place that level of strain on our cables, but they usually aren't made for it so we're actively damaging them by doing so.)

Also, unless you're using quiet headphones that need the volume on full blast to get a reasonable level, do yourself a favor and turn it down a bit. Listening to pretty much any music at full volume for extended periods will give you permanent hearing damage eventually, let alone something inherently loud like Metal. If you love music enough to listen to it this much, you really don't want to do that to yourself. You will permanently reduce your quality of life, and it will be entirely your own fault. That's not fun to live with.

Edit: and btw I love the HD25 for Metal specifically. They're the best headphones I've had for the genre, whether it's heavier stuff with intense bass like Meshuggah or rockier, gritty stuff like Motörhead's Ace of Spades album.


Avatarcjb1 t1_j06hgap wrote

I recently purchased some CCA CRAs and after trying every earbud on the market these are some of the greatest I've had so far. The quality for the price is well worth every cent and they sound spectacular! Wish I had known about these before wasting so much on Skullcandy and Sony buds.


cloudymeatballdude OP t1_j06w360 wrote

Dude i also feel like i tried every damn earbud and headphone kind out there. I’ll take your suggestion, much appreciated !


Fluffy_Little_Fox t1_j07gsvd wrote

I bought Skullcandy Ink buds primarily because I like ~bass~

I found an old set of the "flat pasta noodle wire" type Inks when I was helping a friend clean out his garage, I was like "These look interesting, can I have em?" And he was like "Sure, go ahead" so I took them home and I used them.

It was my first time ever hearing that particular brand of buds.

Soooo much frigging bass, it was a surprise to me. But dear Lord were they FRAGILE. The flat style cables were prone to breaking, so your stereo buds would quickly become mono.

I would go on Ebay and buy new ones, and every time they would last me a month, tops. Then I found the Ink Plus, which is a revised model with proper ROUND cables, not Flat Pasta Noodles.

I bought multiple pairs with the expectation that these would ~also~ be prone to cable tear, but to my surprise they haven't "gone mono" on me yet.

I have 4 pairs. I take good care of them, I try not to drop whatever I've got them plugged into (hard sudden tugs aren't great for cables, or my ears ~ OWWWW).

I like them. They might not impress hardcore Audiophiles who are used to more costly options, but for me it's satisfactory. I just like the bass. It's nice and thumpy, which is great for Hip Hop.

Also, if you want a nice cheap pair of Over Ear Cup Headphones, try One Odio A71. Those are pretty nice. They aren't gunna be as fancy as Sennheisers or whatever, but it's satisfactory for my tastes. I tried the silver and brown Blue Tooth model and it was a little too "Bright" for me, the regular wired A71 has a much warmer, subdued sound.


Groningen1978 t1_j06lwyz wrote

I really like my Sennheiser 559's. They are very sturdy, comfortable (I wear them for hours on end) and every part is replaceable if worn. They go for around 80 euro's/dollars. They do accentuate the bass though, so this might or might not be to your liking. They have a 3D quality to them thanks to their open design which is good for sound but bad for annoying people in public if you play music loudly.

The Sennheiser 599 is a bit more expensive at around 200 but i've seen them on sale for around 130. They are roughly the same design but fancier/prettier and get better reviews sound wise compared to the 559.


cloudymeatballdude OP t1_j06wu8x wrote

Thanks for the rec! People really seem to love Sennheiser i’ve been suggested it more than once and it’s making me think they’re the best option out there, thanks man!


AnHeroicHippo99 t1_j06jtql wrote

Best headphones I've ever owned by a mile are Bose quiet comfort 25. They have a Bluetooth option but mine are the wired ones. They're also several years old now so the newer models might be the more obtainable ones.

Cost me about $500cad, so definitely an investment, but I've used them every day for years, hours at a time, and they're still working great. Some wear is showing on the ear cups but they're replaceable for pretty cheap.

The noise cancelling is amazing. I had super loud neighbors for 2 years and they made life livable for that time. They sound great, are comfortable for 2-3 hours at a time, and 1 AAA battery lasts a good 7 or 8+ hours of use from my experience.


cloudymeatballdude OP t1_j06wk5d wrote

Dude i fucking NEED the noise cancelling option that’s so cool, i always hated how noisy most places are. Thank you for the rec! Expensive but if it really lasted that long it should be worth it


AnHeroicHippo99 t1_j06x7y2 wrote

No problem, and yeah I'll swear by these for the rest of my life. Again the later models may vary, so I'd recommend researching reviews if you can't find these specific ones. However if you can they may be cheaper now, I bought mine probably over 4 years ago now.

Also they have specific, seperate models for iPhone and Android, so make sure you get the right one.


Martipar t1_j06l1tk wrote

Every pair of Bluetooth headphones I've owned come with a cable in case the battery goes flat. My current pair are may by AKG and the model is 500. The battery life is good and they last around 30hrs on a full charge.


No-Context5479 t1_j09fraq wrote

Your budget? u/cloudymeatballdude


cloudymeatballdude OP t1_j0akrfb wrote

As long as it’s a good investment and worth it i’m willing to spend as much as £200 (250 ish dollars) maybe more if i can save up for a couple months, as long as it’s worth it i’m willing to make it a priority lmao music is really important to me i want a pair that’ll LAST you know?


No-Context5479 t1_j0d3xqz wrote

Then my recommend is the Hifiman HE-R7DX JM Edition (Bass Tuning Option - Colour Blue on the buying Page).

Link to purchase -

You can talk to the mod maker himself to give you the first on shipping stuff... His username is u/JohnFromNewYork-LI

It is the best closed back under $300.


luvmedo64 t1_j0ay5ee wrote

Did you lose them 🤔😳🎧