Submitted by Spongky t3_zzoq7d in Music

  1. chaotic
  2. rarely have a pattern
  3. too much spontaneity (no pattern)
  4. no harmony, everything is mixed together
  5. everything almost flat out equally, no break up break down
  6. cannot conjure intense/deep feeling, it's kinda of background music (because of 5.)
  7. chaotic

3 and 6 are super big turn off for me, i rate jazz probably the least i like in all music genre

what do i listen? ambient, lofi house, classical and trance



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[deleted] t1_j2dcdwr wrote

This honestly sounds like you heard 1 free jazz song and formed an opinion about a very nuanced genre.


GiganticBlackHole t1_j2de1mh wrote

You should change it to ‘I haven’t a clue about jazz’. Not a huge fan of jazz but this is nonsense.


SexDadNZ t1_j2cx3j9 wrote

Sounds like you’re not listening to the right jazz. Have you tried early Miles Davis? Bill Evans?


Nizamark t1_j2eai2x wrote

“rarely have a pattern”

don’t want to sound condescending but you don’t know how to listen to jazz. i took a jazz appreciation course in college that opened my mind and ears. you would benefit from same. or maybe just don’t listen to jazz. there’s plenty of other music out there.


brw322 t1_j2ecdm9 wrote

hm this is a super ignorant and embarrassing post for op. Should have just said you don’t understand jazz patterns. While there is a lot of improvisation and movement, it is all formed around specific jazz chord progressions and the “chaotic” parts you refer to usually resolves with chord changes. Would highly recommend listening to John Coltrane, Errol Garner, etc. I think those in particular play their instruments very well and extremely soulfully.


psychedoutcasts t1_j2cswn8 wrote

Try Japanese Jazz or Funk.


Primal_Dead t1_j2cuiwy wrote

Any recommendations?


Musicman1972 t1_j2d3htd wrote

Toshinori Kondo on one end of the scale. Mouse on the Keys on the other.


psychedoutcasts t1_j2ds20a wrote

Hiromasa Suzuki - High Flying

Masayoshi Takanaka - All of Me

Himiko Kikuchi - Flying Beagle (10/10)

Ryo Kawasaki - Juice


Notinyourbushes t1_j2d0qlm wrote

Worked with a guy who was a jazz purist. Crap he'd play sounded like someone taped a goose to a drum kit, shoved a sax up its ass then kicked it down a long flight of stairs.

People always say "I like everything but country and rap." There are country and rap groups I like. Apparently for me it's the sound of a goose and a drum kit kicked down a long flight of stairs.


Musicman1972 t1_j2d3r6w wrote

Just wait until someone plays you Still Eating Ginger Bread for Breakfast by SPUNK.


luvmedo64 t1_j2db5bv wrote

Quite the contrary, I love Jazz 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎺🎺🎺🎺🎹🎹🎹


GlueForSniffing t1_j2dwsz5 wrote

Maybe try something JAZZY that isn't JAZZ.

Like Fiona Apple has some jazz appeal depending on the song.


Olorin_Prime t1_j2f8gp3 wrote

All of your points show an absolute ignorance of jazz. Jazz has been around for over 100 years and I can find artists in every decade that would disprove all of your points. From Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to contemporary artists like Ezra Collective and Moses Boyd there are plenty of examples, of course there are also extreme examples that do meet your criteria but that is not all there is to jazz just liked Norwegian Black Metal isn't all there is to rock.