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trimondo_blondomina t1_j1psliv wrote

Reply to comment by Peircez in "So Lonely" - The Police by albertomg05

All five of their albums are fantastic. About 50-60 percent of what they wrote could’ve been singles. There’s one or two duds an album, but when they’re firing on all cylinders, they’re the greatest pop band of their era.


Peircez t1_j1pxnz8 wrote

True. My least liked is probably Ghost in the Machine, but even that one is fantastic. Invisible Sun…. Amazing.


save-therhino- t1_j1q5l9t wrote

There are no duds in any of their albums.


Be my girl sally

They aren’t the best and I am the all time police fan


Shoboshi80 t1_j1rz67r wrote

I would say "Born in the 50s", an ode to Boomers that would make Steven Pinker blush, is one of their rare duds and on "Outlandos...", their best album


gogozrx t1_j1stqgb wrote

Funny... I like Mother quite a lot

Edit: just went and listened again. Yup, this is the song that got me into the band. The 7/4 signature, the absolutely brilliant guitar Solo.... Fuck yeah.


save-therhino- t1_j1ukh3i wrote

I don’t hate any of their songs. Some better than others but I don’t hate any


quiet-kookaburra t1_j1pvtkc wrote

Duds? Mother comes to mind! I know what it’s meant to be but holy fuck it’s a tough listen.

EDIT: Hehe! Down voted by the purists who really do love their mums.


NewAssumption4780 t1_j1u07h0 wrote

Even though technically they were a ska/pop band, the inner tension of the trio gave them a definite rock flare. We will never see another like them.