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ClivesKebab t1_j1puao0 wrote

Seriously, how good a drummer is Stewart Copeland. ‘So Lonely’ is a perfect song


Moontoya t1_j1pvuxn wrote

He plays juuuuuust fractionally ahead of where the beat would 'normally' beat.

Gives the band that snappy / bouncing pacing

He's an instrumentalist not simply a drummer


Rukarumel t1_j1rjjor wrote

I think it’s more common work. All instruments support each other.


MonsterRider80 t1_j1rpggr wrote

He is so underrated. He’s an amazing talent. I think there very few, if any, drummers that can play the hi-hat the way he does.


gogozrx t1_j1stw8w wrote

I don't think anyone who knows anything about drumming underrates him.


rooigevaar t1_j1tl4va wrote

I remember a Sting interview saying that, after a reunion of sorts, it had been great to be back together again, but soon the old frustrations returned, including Copeland's speeding up and slowing down.

Some love footage has confirmed that for me since then. Am I alone?