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albertomg05 OP t1_j1q8gei wrote

Yeah dude that bass line hits so much


mnstormfront t1_j1q8lwr wrote

Being a bassist myself.. totally agree...and people dont know how hard it is to sing and play bass at same time...i cant ,many people cant


albertomg05 OP t1_j1q940p wrote

I've got started playing bass around 2 months ago and I find it more interesting than playing guitar, it's a matter fact that it's easier playing than playing guitar but I think that following the whole song with a changing tab along it is very entertaining and because you can play For Whom The Bell Tolls' bass intro 😉


mnstormfront t1_j1q9iav wrote

Awesome. Welcome to bass! Lots of great help on the internet to learn. Start with easy songs before trying something like Led Zeppelin stuff..good luck 🤞


albertomg05 OP t1_j1qa1sq wrote

Dunno why but I am able to learn difficult tabs so fast, for example I learnt Peace Sells bass intro in almost 10 minutes, it may sound so easy for some people but for my is a great goal XD. But the only problem is that I don't know anything about music theory and I don't know how to tune the bass and I only can tune it memorizing the studio version sound and trying to replicate it.


mnstormfront t1_j1qapvc wrote

Gotta get a tuner, they are only $20 to 30 bucks.. Dont need theory as much a s ear to hear what different notes sound like , and what the root chords are,and how to use em. Practice!