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Lakstoties t1_j1a9q9c wrote

> Blockchain has made it possible to attriubute ownership to digital items

That existed before. Companies have been track ownership of digital items for years now without the blockchain, (Steam, GOG, Company Licensing, etc) and they're doing right now through non-crypto means.

> it allows for example the creation of digital state currencies (in the process of creation)

Incorrect. It allows for the creation of commodities. The run of crypto-"currencies" have shown the attributes of limited-quantity commodities and next to none of the characteristics needed to be a viable currency. EVE Online's ISK is a more viable digital currency than anything crpyto currencies have accomplished. And it's FAR more well maintained and run.

> The consensus of a network allows to secure data in an immutable way,
with how interesting it is that you can verify data digitally with the
certainty that they are not manipulated in any way.

That is a major vulnerability in the design of the system. Any entities with a major share of the transaction processing capabilities can manipulate the blockchain to their whims. It has almost happened a few times.

> The entities that are investing the most in blockchain are not the
native companies of the sector, they are Alphabet, Samsung, Black Rock,
Goldman Sachs

Those are companies that have made significant mistakes in the past when trying to jump in on the "latest and greatest". Just because big companies are interested... doesn't mean they'll back it in the long run once it doesn't make sense for them. Most big business people are scammers at heart that are looking for the next thing to ride until it hit a peak and ditch before it crashes.

> while you sentence to death this "insignificant" technology, those who
understand the advantages of blockchain are contracting what you will
use in the future.

I never said it was insignificant. It's just that people like you have ultimately very little technical understanding of how the system operates, but cling onto whimsical ideals of what could it be misused for. The idea of the blockchain's distributed transaction log is useful... But can be easily accomplished without the blockchain. The current wave of "crypto" tech is just solutions looking for "problems", "problems" that people have invented to sell them.

> This is not a debate about whether blockchain will be widely used, it is
already being used and its use will continue to expand in the future.

Given recent failures and bankruptcies of crypto-exchanges and pull rug NFT scams... I think the blockchain will see a dramatic reduction of use in the future. The whole gambit only worked when everyone believed the bullshit, now that that faith in it is being lost... It'll fade away with only desperate folks clinging to get rich schemes to exploit others trying to shill it to its last dying breath.

> I didn't come here to debate blockchain, I respect that you have your
vision, but the only thing I came here to show is that there is a NFT
music sector and that it is a way for artists to monetize their work.

I understand you didn't come here to debate... You came here to shill and con. You can't debate it, because you don't understand it past the talking points some other crypto-scammer told you to hype. Ultimately, you are trying to get the buzz going for the next pump and dump scheme.

As for music artists monetizing their work with NFTs: Yeah, if they are like all the other dishonest and greedy NFT scam artists, they can monetize their work using this method. Once. After they are found out, get sued, and investigated... (Like all the others that have done similar before.) They won't be able to do it again and will effectively kill their career.

Again... There's already existing solutions that solve the issue of artist wanting to monetize their work: Selling their music via CDs, LPs, digital downloads, and releasing limited edition packages. Effective, honest enough, and simple.

> There is no scams, no money stealing, no false promises, just
your work distributed through NFTs that your fans want to buy to support
yon the most direct way possible.

This right here indicts you. Either you are completely ignorant of how all other NFTs and Crypto ventures have gone, or you are purposely projecting lies and deceit to cover up the obvious grift in the making. Again... If someone's fans want to support them directly: Patreon, Paypal, Kofi, and other services exist. It's been done for years, even before crowd funding was a popular thing.

> Your comment shows that you really do not speak with knowledge of the subject you have discussed.

Here's your own words back at you. If you truly understood the technology, read a few peer-reviewed white papers, and had the academic knowledge to see how the system functions at the code level... You'd drop this whole scheme and run far away from crypto.