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hendocks t1_j1ah9i9 wrote

To be honest, I don't know what an NFT is at this point. I keep seeing people call it snake oil, but I'm not sure what the scam is or who the target audience is.

I think I understand that it secures products that may normally be obtained or shared easily (again, I have no idea how) which is always going to be a controversial take seeing how much of the creative world functions under unspoken rules often enforced by Creative Commons licensing where a lot of what we make is free and can be shared liberally.

Personally, while I don't mind how artists choose to monetize (or not monetize) their work, I'm not a big fan of the expectations of free media content that consumers seem to have as a baseline expectation (can I use the phrase "these days"? Oh God). This isn't true for everyone, but there are already a few comments in this very thread where people are acting as such (most insultingly being the "we should get the first album that the artist worked hard on for free so that I can dictate their worth" person).

This is all to say, if an NFT is truly just a security thing, then I'm not sure why so many people seem to have their britches in a bunch about it. Companies can already do something similar and it sounds like this lets individuals do the same so it's weirdly exclusive.

If an NFT is something else as well and I just don't get how it's so bad, I'd love to hear an explanation, but am not interested in people just yelling "it just is" at me.