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falconhawk2158 t1_j2ciall wrote

I’m thinking vocal wise Steve Perry or maybe Luciano Pavarotti because I’m not thinking you could think of anybody with a more powerful voice


hjablowme919 t1_j2dfqa9 wrote

The late, great, Chris Cornell might have something to say about that whole “powerful voice” statement.


falconhawk2158 t1_j2fkozq wrote

I love Chris Cornell and as far as hard rock vocalist he has a case. But for vocalist with the most range I don’t know if he has the range to beat perry I don’t know Steve Perry has just always been one of my favorite singers. And Pavarotti is different from the other guy’s because he didn’t really crossover into other music but just listen to Turandot: nessun dorma and tell me if it’s not amazing the power his voice has.