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TheeEssFo t1_j1sp31j wrote

I love Kendrick and am not a Dylan superfan, but Dylan came to prominence with the anti-war and Civil Rights movements. Also had an incalculable impact on the directions of rock and folk. Kendrick was well-established before BLM and didn't really have much affect on the language of Black music during or post. He's more of a torchbearer for hip-hop, never as incendiary as Chuck D or KRS-One nor as Black aloof as Michaels Jordan and Jackson.

As I wrote in another post, I love Kendrick. But I just don't think he's pivotal. Not much is different because of him. He is this strangest of species, where he has all this respect and commercial clout, but I really don't know how you can characterize his effect. Almost the opposite: during his 'reign' as hip-hop's 'greatest' MC, the genre has arguably gotten worse.

He's not Patrick Mahomes; he's Frank Thomas.