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Bmantis311 OP t1_j273lnv wrote

Appreciate the feedback but that is just not what my radio shows are about. The shows are designed to be very random and completely mix the genres up. I will often play a 90s eurodance song and back it up with some hair metal from the 80s. Very non traditional style but my listeners love it. I was inspired when creating it by a radio station here called Bryan FM. It is soo random. They play anything and just mix it up so the listener has no idea what is coming. I understand this style is not for everyone though but it is intentional.


Gary_Vigoda t1_j2743j9 wrote

You have your format. Mostly I was just suggesting songs to add to your playlist and got carried away.


Bmantis311 OP t1_j277l7x wrote

That's cool man. Appreciated. Thanks for being cool. There are so many asshats on reddit just looking to troll.