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hobosbindle t1_j2mge79 wrote

I just got through downvoting his last 30 or so posts. Glad to see this pop up.


Stacy_Ann_ t1_j2mlfy9 wrote

I see what's going on now. The screenshot provided in the OP is revealing.


Neg_Crepe t1_j2n4vrz wrote

You’re missing r/wilco and r/builttospill


skimfl925 t1_j2ngeqn wrote

This subreddit is mostly controlled by bot accounts.


goodusernamegood t1_j2nmqxp wrote

Mods could be stopping link farming.

They could be turning the sub into a healthy place for discussing music, instead of a cesspit where the same old songs get upvoted time and time again, and anything outside of what a handful of redditors deems "real music" is immediately downvoted.

They could be removing the daily "recommend me music, I like anything" threads that add nothing of value (these are banned under rule 8 but they're never removed).

They could be combating the racism that's prevelant on the sub any time a black artist gets in any controversy.

They could, at the very least, ban people from posting "who?" on articles about artists' deaths.

They could either uphold or amend rules 6 and 7 since there's hundreds of posts breaking them every week.

They could respond to modmail, or at least acknowledge to the community that they're doing anything to combat the shocking state of this subreddit.

They don't do any of that and despite clearly not caring about the quality of the sub, they also refuse to appoint any new mods.


spiderborland t1_j2ncom9 wrote

And yet this post survives... thanks, mods


sinprex t1_j2noss0 wrote

...aaaand it's dead. Lasted 5 hours. Longer then expected.


lenapedog t1_j2njzgb wrote

Yeah if you don’t have a fetish for Radiohead or TOOL, this sub is borderline useless. The other default subs on Reddit aren't this garbage.


TragicallyComedian t1_j2nohzt wrote

Shocked this was taken down…

The music that’s posted on here sometimes makes me want to be an angry commenter. Oh boy thanks for posting a song we’ve all heard at the dentist’s office 500x


Kvothetheraven603 t1_j2nh9nn wrote

There is also some weird Tyler The Creator push going on. Definitely seems like spam bots. Not sure why the mods are allowing those, either.


Malice_n_Flames t1_j2ni0p9 wrote

Go to Apple Music or Spotify or whatever you use. Play 1 song you like then let the machine start auto playing similar songs. Voila. Song suggestions.


thegreatself OP t1_j2njs2r wrote

This is okay to a point - past it you benefit from some manual input.

It can be kind of mindless to just let a machine pick things for you based on your previous habits because it can feed this ouroboros-like cycle of endless similarity.

I've had to 'Ignore' multiple songs I genuinely liked because the algorithm just kept feeding them to me over and over - and over - and then one more time because obviously I liked it so much.

So yeah, Spotify has been on-point with a lot of recommendations but it can be more engaging and rewarding to do a little legwork yourself, so to speak - or at least feel like you've done some.


Poignee t1_j2nn98n wrote

I'm at this point too now with Spotify. I hate making playlists and am always looking for something new, but lately most radios just have the same songs as the previous ones and I listen to that until a new ear worm slips in and I go to that song's radio.

I didn't know about Every Noise At Once until your post, but I'm going to explore it to find new songs from my country and province that I have been less exposed to.


thegreatself OP t1_j2npndm wrote

Enjoy! Whenever I get in one of those slumps I try to pick something for myself, outside of Spotify's influence. I also found Sputnikmusic and Rateyourmusic extremely useful - you can find the most obscure stuff catalogued and reviewed on both.


Malice_n_Flames t1_j2ns08g wrote

The vast majority of the artists Apple recommends to me I have never heard of. So I listen to the first 20 seconds of the track. Then jump forward a bit. If I like it I add to my library then explore the artists albums. If I don’t like the track I’ll skip to the next one. It’s a great way to discover new stuff. For example folk music. I know Bob Dylan and maybe one other artist. The auto play introduced me to all kinds of folk music by artists that were never big. I do the same thing with hip hop/rock/techno/tyc


[deleted] t1_j2mh862 wrote



thegreatself OP t1_j2mi6yt wrote

You're actually also spamming your own music as 'Ueliton Silva', which is fine if you're going to do it once or twice, but be reasonable about it - 9+ links all within 10 minutes of each other isn't.


[deleted] t1_j2mippj wrote



thegreatself OP t1_j2mjkpr wrote

>why do you think i was ueliton silva?

Because "they" have almost no online presence otherwise and your comment history is full of links and references to them. It's about as obvious as something can be.

And even if you really are just a fan it doesn't really change what you're doing being bad manners - post one or two links move on. The other songs you're posting just read as karma farming so you can spam more Ueliton Silva links.


[deleted] t1_j2mjysn wrote



XDenzelMoshingtonX t1_j2mlq74 wrote

It makes a lot of sense and you could just stop the spamming? This is not your account, no need to link every single song you like .


[deleted] t1_j2mm9pl wrote



XDenzelMoshingtonX t1_j2mmurt wrote

I don’t care who you are but yeah it‘s possible for a random nobody to be a random nobody.


[deleted] t1_j2mogdv wrote



XDenzelMoshingtonX t1_j2momwd wrote

A random nobody, just like you. Difference is that I don’t go out of my way to annoy other people lol.


lemonrainbowhaze t1_j2nhaxk wrote

And we thank you for not being absolutely obnoxious about it. Take my upvote


[deleted] t1_j2ms2k2 wrote



Zchwns t1_j2nrthh wrote

Maybe let’s not refer to things as “gay”

It’s 2023, let’s move on from derogatory terms


FourAM t1_j2nh2tx wrote

Don’t. Post. 10+ Links. To. The. same. Artist. All. At. Once.

That’s what spam bots do. Are you a spam bot? No? Then don’t do spam bot shit.


Stacy_Ann_ t1_j2mhrmg wrote

I've noticed it too, and haven't clicked on any of them. Honestly, it looks like you're a bot spamming malware links.


GatoradeNipples t1_j2mjnix wrote

>Honestly, it looks like you're a bot spamming malware links.

...I just went and looked, and they're YouTube links.

If there's malware you can get from YouTube, that's a new one to me. I think you're mistaking a well-meaning idiot for a malware bot.


Stacy_Ann_ t1_j2mko2o wrote

I understand they are enthusiastic. I'm just describing the reality. I see five links in a row of one obscure young artist, and I think a bot is spamming. Therefore, I'm not clicking. At worst it looks like possible malware, at best it definitely looks like paid promotion. Either way, I'm ignoring it. And it seems I'm not the only one annoyed.

If this particular artist is great, post their best song or two, not everything they've recorded. It makes each song less special.

It's much like printing out many copies of a list of every song on your playlist and passing them out in public. It's nice that there's so much enthusiasm for music, but no one is really blown away by the fact someone says they like "The Final Countdown" and "Never Gonna Give You Up."


[deleted] t1_j2mi1c6 wrote



Stacy_Ann_ t1_j2migr8 wrote

You've posted dozens already. If you're posting dozens and dozens of songs, then it's impossible to tell which ones you think are truly special. It looks like you're linking every song you've ever heard and halfway liked. I'm glad you like music. That's wonderful. But you don't need to post a link to every song you and your friends like. Just my opinion.


[deleted] t1_j2miti1 wrote



Stacy_Ann_ t1_j2mjh0c wrote

Some people, like myself, are not clicking on them because it looks like you're a bot that's spamming the subreddit. Do you understand that? Others are methodically downvoting your posts, and soon some of them will be reporting your posts.


GSblitz116 t1_j2mptgb wrote

Bro. Just delete your reddit account. I just joined this subreddit last night and my entire feed is you posting songs, and it's not even new stuff you wanna share, just all stuff everyone already knows about.

Like if you wanna post this many songs, make a list, and post the list to a single upload.

You're just spamming for karma at this point.


[deleted] t1_j2mrzd4 wrote



GSblitz116 t1_j2ms473 wrote

See big difference between me and you. I don't upload if ever. I'm not a fake internet point sloot.


GSblitz116 t1_j2mtq85 wrote

The headline on your profile says "if I say I'm not trolling, I'm not trolling, but if I don't say I'm not trolling, I'm trolling" leads me to believe you live online because you are bad at real life.

News flash, youre bad at online life too.

Let's look at the numbers shall we? Your account is a year and a half old, you have 548 karma, my account is like 3 and a half months old and I have 17k.

I think you should be the one to delete.


[deleted] t1_j2n1n0d wrote



GSblitz116 t1_j2o9g5y wrote

So you've been active less than a week but are karma farming??


[deleted] t1_j2oc68m wrote



GSblitz116 t1_j2od5kb wrote

Stop spam uploading stuff your friends like. No one cares, post new artists and help get traction under their feet.