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When a song’s final chorus drops away all of the regular backing music found in the other choruses, so all that remains are vocals and sometimes a drum beat? Easy example would be ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips.

Regular chorus is at 0:45, and the part I’m looking for a term/name of is at 2:47.

I would love to be able to search for new music that include one of these vocal breakdowns but can never find it.

Any help appreciated!



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Kiylyou t1_j661agl wrote

Like kissed by a rose? I think that is called a SEAL


dancingmeadow t1_j6621uo wrote

The voice and production on that track is as good as it gets.


dancingmeadow t1_j6623tf wrote

I always think of it as a "vocal breakdown".


cyclops_binoculars t1_j665lri wrote

Wouldn't that be a "bridge"?


modefi_ t1_j68galn wrote

Not sure why you got downvoted, "bridge" is the correct term here, especially in OP's example since the part they're referring to sets up for a return to a "full" chorus.



cyclops_binoculars t1_j68hc1e wrote

Not sure why I got downvoted, either. It would make more sense and be more proactive to "correct" me instead of anonymously negging me. Bur that's the internet, I guess.


Its_God_Here t1_j66l7qw wrote

A Capella breakdown, something like that


ajwitten5561 t1_j67jw4z wrote

En Vogue - Never Gonna Get It "Now, it's tiiiiime for the breakdown!"