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johntwoods t1_j3ta15j wrote

Music festivals are landfills of disorganization and disappointment.


QuicklyThisWay OP t1_j3tbjak wrote

Okeechobee sure was last year. VIP was actually a worse experience than GA because they came less prepared and we’re not given accommodations they were promised. I’m not a fan of Insomniac’s takeover of what became my favorite festival with way too much EDM. Hulaween was absolutely perfect when I went a few years ago, but I got some nice perks working with the sponsorship team, so I am biased.


MuzBizGuy t1_j3tkt1i wrote

Bonnaroo is neither of those things. Unless you hate festivals, of course.


Salty_Pancakes t1_j3uxwn4 wrote

It used to be good, now it's full corpo.


MuzBizGuy t1_j3vy24j wrote

Not mutually exclusive things. Been to it 7 times from Year 2 through 2019. It's gotten more organized over the years and I've never left disappointed.

It's gotten less jam band focused, sure, which is a valid complaint if that's what you like.