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I’m not the biggest fan of TOOL. I think their songs are too long and slow and edgy. I don’t hate them, but they’re not my favorite. Does this make me stupid? Unenlightened? Shallow? I need to know lol. Also, feel free to try and prove me wrong



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Strong0toLight1 t1_j6ku82r wrote

Yeah you're extremely unintelligent! How do you not like Tool?! Not a fan of the 3579/65 time signatures? Do you even know what the fettucini sequence is?!


yoyoyo5k t1_j6l0dko wrote

Is this Tool or Polyphia?


MurderInMarigold t1_j6ledzh wrote

Fun fact, most Polyphia songs are actually in 4/4!


yoyoyo5k t1_j6lkfzp wrote

Aren't most Tool songs as well?


MurderInMarigold t1_j6lxp90 wrote

Probably, it's called common time for a reason. You don't normally think that because every time Tool comes up there's at least one guy who keeps talking about the Fibonacci Sequence.


not2bad4ne12c t1_j6kvkdg wrote

You can’t be wrong about an opinion on your taste in music. Hell, I was a teenager in the 90s loved grunge music but wasn’t a fan of Nirvana. I remember where I was the first time I saw Smells Like Teen Spirit and where I was when the news broke that Kurt Cobain died, but they weren’t my move. I will take Pearl Jam’s Ten over Nevermind every time. I think TOOL is an amazing band and I love their stuff. Some of it is pretty weird, some of it is long, but the albums as whole works are great. It’s not a great argument to champion for them, they’re talented artists, they’re smart and they’re clever. They make great albums to smoke a joint, and blast in your headphones listening to, but they aren’t for everyone and that’s okay. You do you.


SadPhase2589 t1_j6lcldu wrote

I’m the same way, I always like Ten over Nevermind.


lummox1234 t1_j6kufij wrote

A groan… of tedium escapes me, startling the fearful…


Cominginbladey t1_j6kv80j wrote

I mean if you give it an honest listen and don't like it, then you don't like it. If you listen and don't think it rocks, people saying words to you isn't going to change anything.

I wouldn't say it makes you stupid, unenlightened or shallow. But, you have forever lost my trust as a source for what rocks and what doesn't.


Conscious_Art_9134 OP t1_j6kwu64 wrote

My fav bands are SOAD, breaking Benjamin, Alice In Chains, etc. does this help?


Cominginbladey t1_j6ldggz wrote

No actually this information only deepens the mystery.

Tool is too slow but AIC isn't? Tool too edgy but SOAD isn't?



Gheist009 t1_j6kzdxs wrote

I recommend you check out Puscifer. It's Maynard, but ..different and yet still the same.


MecaNinja t1_j6nfg3z wrote

>But, you have forever lost my trust as a source for what rocks and what doesn't.

xD nice burn


BrownPaperBag4 t1_j6kwo7l wrote

I used to be a big TOOL fan, I’d agree saying they are a bit edgy, but I don’t think “long” is a bad thing with music, especially with bands like Opeth/Porcupine Tree. I no longer swear by TOOL as there definitely is better Progressive music out there. I will always hate deftones though, and a lot of TOOL fans like them.


MurderInMarigold t1_j6lekpc wrote

I'm not the biggest fan of Deftones, but they've inspired some truly top notch bands I really love, particularly Loathe.


CoolArt589 t1_j6kyime wrote

I grew adoring Tool but I learned how much of a horseturd Maynard J Keenan is, and now I find Tool sort of naive, repetitive, pretentious and boring


NKevros t1_j6kz55w wrote

>but I learned how much of a horseturd Maynard J Keenan is



CoolArt589 t1_j6lfn6l wrote

Watch any interview or look up what he thinks about his fans


blastmemer t1_j6kz4zk wrote

Not Tool but have you listened to Passenger by Deftones with Maynard on it? Great tune.


ebahm13 t1_j6kwl6c wrote

Sounds like lyrics to a.....tool song.


Worm_word t1_j6l03i3 wrote

I don't think anybody will try to prove you wrong my guy, the first time I heard 46/2 it spoke to the teenage version of me, and I could not understand when my friends didn't looking back I get it, I still listen to them, but I get it.


Just-A-Swangin93 t1_j6lakkp wrote

No dude I love tool but I get not everyone will. They have creative lyrics and all that but so do other bands. Besides now days Tool fans are pretentious as all hell. Not that they weren’t already. But really it took me sitting down and actually figuring out what they could be saying before I enjoyed them.


SadPhase2589 t1_j6lch27 wrote

I’m only a fan of their older stuff. I’ll completely agree their last two albums every song was way too long.