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DennisReynoIds t1_j5or8de wrote

Didn’t they break up like a long long time ago? I thought P!atd was just Brendan at this point?


Pudding_Hero t1_j5oso3r wrote

One of the others stuck around after the split, so this essentially is the last step of the D.E.N.N.I.S system


DennisReynoIds t1_j5p9h39 wrote

Separating entirely, smart man. He can get them back any time he wants.


PeerPressure t1_j5rknd5 wrote

Perfect timing if other bands want to swoop in or go for the scraps.


Gladiatornoah t1_j5p82rm wrote

Yes, but if you read the announcement it sounds more like Brendan Urie is walking away from music entirely, not just retiring the Panic! Name.

So it’s still a big deal in that sense.


theNorthwestspirit t1_j5puvsm wrote

Does anyone actually believe he's walking away from music forever though? Once the baby rush is over he'll probably make/release more music, just not under the P!ATD name.


Palpablevt t1_j5rm7h1 wrote

100%. Hell, I think it's likely it'll be under the P!ATD name - he's already been using the name for essentially his solo material for many years. But a breakup announcement like this gets headlines, and sets up his "reunion" tour in five years lol


regular_john2017 t1_j5s4nzh wrote

Until next year when he realizes diapers cost money. Cue new reality show, “panic! At the uries”