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thisguyrob t1_j5orcfp wrote

I thought Brandon Urie was the only band member left…


AliJDB t1_j5p64my wrote

He is, but he's quasi-retiring to be a dad.


oktofeellost t1_j5pszu7 wrote

Split seems an odd choice of words at that point


SpiralSuitcase t1_j5qpfn1 wrote

Agreed. Also, why say that a band is breaking up when what's actually happening is that they're (he's) "retiring?"

"Panic! Announces final tour" is both more accurate and more succinct.


polkemans t1_j5wlk5q wrote

I think it's meant as layman for casuals who don't know that it's just one guy.


oktofeellost t1_j5x6shj wrote

I mean fair but "calling it quits" is a totally normal term to use for both a band and a person.


pspartoutsr t1_j5shre8 wrote

exactly, PATD "died" ages ago and Urie's been soiling their name with his crappy solo albums that are PATD in-name only for way too long, bout time this happened.


BornLightWolf t1_j5sqmem wrote

Brandon Urie is and has been an amazing singer, but I miss their older stuff like Northern downpour,