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Sidneysnewhusband t1_j5r1ijl wrote

Fall Out Boy’s new song says hi lol new album out March 24th!!!!!! Please don’t lump them with Panic thanks


AlanMorlock t1_j5r35ta wrote

Awful. Worst band of the last 30 years.


Sidneysnewhusband t1_j5r6z2z wrote

Well if we’re talking 30 years you’re telling me you think bands like Hanson, Hoobastank, Nickelback are better than FOB and if so how do you expect me to trust your taste? lol


AlanMorlock t1_j5r7ocn wrote

All bad bands, none of which as annoying as FOB. Godawful. I'd rather litsten to dental drills.


Sidneysnewhusband t1_j5r80xo wrote

Well, to each their own lol I feel this way about Serj Tankian’s voice