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thisguyrob t1_j5orcfp wrote

I thought Brandon Urie was the only band member left…


AliJDB t1_j5p64my wrote

He is, but he's quasi-retiring to be a dad.


oktofeellost t1_j5pszu7 wrote

Split seems an odd choice of words at that point


SpiralSuitcase t1_j5qpfn1 wrote

Agreed. Also, why say that a band is breaking up when what's actually happening is that they're (he's) "retiring?"

"Panic! Announces final tour" is both more accurate and more succinct.


polkemans t1_j5wlk5q wrote

I think it's meant as layman for casuals who don't know that it's just one guy.


oktofeellost t1_j5x6shj wrote

I mean fair but "calling it quits" is a totally normal term to use for both a band and a person.


pspartoutsr t1_j5shre8 wrote

exactly, PATD "died" ages ago and Urie's been soiling their name with his crappy solo albums that are PATD in-name only for way too long, bout time this happened.


BornLightWolf t1_j5sqmem wrote

Brandon Urie is and has been an amazing singer, but I miss their older stuff like Northern downpour,


DennisReynoIds t1_j5or8de wrote

Didn’t they break up like a long long time ago? I thought P!atd was just Brendan at this point?


Pudding_Hero t1_j5oso3r wrote

One of the others stuck around after the split, so this essentially is the last step of the D.E.N.N.I.S system


DennisReynoIds t1_j5p9h39 wrote

Separating entirely, smart man. He can get them back any time he wants.


PeerPressure t1_j5rknd5 wrote

Perfect timing if other bands want to swoop in or go for the scraps.


Gladiatornoah t1_j5p82rm wrote

Yes, but if you read the announcement it sounds more like Brendan Urie is walking away from music entirely, not just retiring the Panic! Name.

So it’s still a big deal in that sense.


theNorthwestspirit t1_j5puvsm wrote

Does anyone actually believe he's walking away from music forever though? Once the baby rush is over he'll probably make/release more music, just not under the P!ATD name.


Palpablevt t1_j5rm7h1 wrote

100%. Hell, I think it's likely it'll be under the P!ATD name - he's already been using the name for essentially his solo material for many years. But a breakup announcement like this gets headlines, and sets up his "reunion" tour in five years lol


regular_john2017 t1_j5s4nzh wrote

Until next year when he realizes diapers cost money. Cue new reality show, “panic! At the uries”


error521 t1_j5oz4rv wrote

This is like if Trent Reznor announced Nine Inch Nails was splitting up.


andcircuit t1_j5q0yml wrote

nine inch nails may be and has been a band at times but it has always been Reznors vehicle so no I don’t think this is like that at all. secondly…well, I won’t say the second part but you all know.


SpiralSuitcase t1_j5qptmc wrote

It is really sad that NIN never released anything after Hesitation Marks. Nothing. At all. Very sad.

I hear that Trent pokes around with movie soundtracks here and there though, so that's nice for him.


AlanMorlock t1_j5rqttg wrote

Are you being sarcastic about the EPs or what?


SpiralSuitcase t1_j5rueul wrote

What EP?


LlamadeusGame t1_j5s39uz wrote

NIN and Health's "ISN'T EVERYONE" is genuinely a great NIN track and would fit happily on a post spiral but pre hesitation marks album. Please give it a listen.


SpiralSuitcase t1_j5tvoln wrote

I thought that was a Health song with a guest appearance and I don't remember being struck by it on release. Seems like that's what the entire album was based on my cursory Spotify search.

I did listen to that song this morning and I can't explain exactly why but it feels more like How to Destroy Angels than NIN. But I'm willing to admit that I could be splitting hairs there.


AlanMorlock t1_j5sblvn wrote

NIN made a trilogy of EPs from 2016- 2018

Not the Actual Events, Add Violence, and Bad Witch

I'm less into Add Violence overall myself but Bad Witch and NtAE rule.

If you weren't just being snarky in saying they didn't release anything after Hesitattion Marks, you might be quite pleased with these 3 releases. Some real strong material accompanied by some of their best touring performances.

Also hell, they released more Ghosts volumes at the start of the pandemic, though I suspect they might be connected to some film score gigs they bailed on.

Bottom line, there's been a shitton of NIN after Hesitation Marks.


SpiralSuitcase t1_j5tuq3o wrote

I was in fact being snarky. I've been really disappointed in the output of NIN since...about the time that Atticus was made an "official" member I guess. But I think that's just a coincidence. I think they've gotten into the moody film score mentality, and honestly even with that I think their best stuff was in the early Fincher movies. The soundtrack to The Social Network was great and I think it's been diminishing returns since. To put it another way, I used to seek out movies specifically because Trent/Atticus were scoring them, and I no longer do.

I've also always been really partial to the Book of Eli soundtrack as well, which is only credited to Atticus.

The new EP stuff as well as the Ghosts releases seem really hindered by their resemblance to the film score stuff they were doing. I was not impressed. There has been a lot more focus on meandering techno-industrial soundscapes and noise rock. The newer EP/Album output feels like at most 1 song that would have been one of the lesser known, buried tracks on Hesitation Marks surrounded by rejected soundtrack cuts. And I thought it would be comedically effective to pretend that they didn't exist. I think the official term for this is "Crystal Skulling."

Honestly, I didn't even really like Hesitation Marks THAT much but the tour they did in support was just obscenely good, which made me appreciate those songs a bit better. But that's the last time I really enjoyed what they were doing. I also don't think that album is particularly well known, so it's extra funny to me to think that I'd be the kind of person who knows (or googled) that album, but is somehow completely unaware of everything they've done since.


Asplashofwater t1_j5qtpjw wrote

NIN did at one point lol. Brendon has not said they are “breakup up” or that they are splitting. Those terms keep being thrown around. He’s saying the projects is ending and he’s seemingly going into retirement from music.


EfficientSlime t1_j5ph92q wrote

I'm not really shocked honestly. Panic hasn't been a band since like 2013, and after that, it's essentially just been Brendon Urie's solo project.


matttmat t1_j5pjcbd wrote

It’s less about them splitting as a band and more about Brendan retiring from the music industry to be a dad.


Batman_Night t1_j5qf7xh wrote

He's most likely gonna comeback as a solo artist anyway.


Sidneysnewhusband t1_j5qp07i wrote

Well this last album for me personally was steaming hot garbage compared to anything they’ve done previous so maybe it’s time although I thought it was just Brendon also


thexsunshine t1_j5otgls wrote

At least I'm not the only one who thought they broke up a long time ago, like the one guy has written music for others for over a decade now.


mpaproth t1_j5ov7rx wrote

I had high hopes this was coming after that last album


notspoon t1_j5pnf60 wrote

two great albums, and then a ton of shit.

some of the shit i'm nostalgic over (vices, twtltrtd)

some of the shit is the worst music i've ever heard (everything else)

once ryan ross wasn't creatively directing the band the ship sunk hard


regular_john2017 t1_j5pnw58 wrote

100% agree. Pretty Odd was and is absolutely fantastic. Fever was great too, but has aged worse than pretty odd. Everything else is ass garbage imo


426763 t1_j5rklcm wrote

I've always thought of Panic as two different "music groups". Of course there's Panic the band, and everything else is Brendon's Panic.

I still remember getting Pretty Odd because I thought that was the album where I Write Sins was. I still remember blasting that CD on the way home from the store. Honestly the best last hurrah from "the band." New Perspective was the preview of what Panic would become.


Soulpower_ t1_j5rmf95 wrote

Hey. New perspective is great! After that just one or two decent songs per record


SpontyMadness t1_j5r2aa6 wrote

Once it stopped being a collaboration and started being a Brendon Urie solo project it went downhill. Vices and Too Weird at least had Dallon putting his own spin on things, but that didn’t last either.

Not even saying that the albums after twtltrtd don’t have their standouts, but none of it really hit the same for me.


feor1300 t1_j5rr1mc wrote

The disco is now calm.


Scrpn17w t1_j5pxu4c wrote

Now it's just gonna be: a little bit of anxiety! all over the place


sufferwryst101 t1_j5oz2gj wrote

The journey might be over but at least the songs will still stay with us.


Kahless01 t1_j5pnzg2 wrote

well fuck. glad i caught the first show of the tour in austin.


undressvestido t1_j5rmjmm wrote

Didn’t know there was more members than Brandon, Brandon, Brandon and of course Brandon


Soulpower_ t1_j5rmylq wrote

About time. Pray for the Wicked and Viva Las Vengeance are hot garbage. Maybe 2 or 3 decent songs in Death of a Bachelor and Too weird to live.

First 2 albums are amazing. Ryan Ross was the heart and soul of the band


breakeven_not t1_j5q1mh5 wrote

Again? Lol.


SpiralSuitcase t1_j5qq7rm wrote

It really does seem like this headline is announcing that Brendan is about to split in half, like a self-replicating cell.


kaotate t1_j5rhd4h wrote

Oh no!



Revolutionary_Low_90 t1_j5smyra wrote

Lmao its like Kevin Parker announcing that Tame Impala will split


JulPollitt t1_j5q5w16 wrote

Split with who it’s just Brendan lol


rockitabnormal t1_j5qg480 wrote

As far as I’m concerned, it hasn’t been PATD since the departure of Ryan Ross


TelegraphRoadWarrior t1_j5qrv1u wrote

It’s like the “In Memoriam” montage at the Academy Awards when you see an actor’s picture on the screen and say, I thought they were already dead?


longster37 t1_j5qs4yj wrote

How do you spilt from yourself?


BowlbasaurKiefachu t1_j5rcfgm wrote

I feel like bands may be open to more splits and different projects nowadays with the notoriety of reunions headlining festivals


dirtbag-socialist t1_j5rwaqg wrote

It’s so sad to hear that Brandon Urie broke up with himself.


[deleted] t1_j5s6vn1 wrote

The lead singer does this all the time, nothing new


50bucksback t1_j5twg7n wrote

They sure did know how to write a chorus. I swear their 5 biggest hits are just the hook on repeat with very little in between in terms of verses.


rolling_soul t1_j5qnggo wrote

Isn't it just one guy? Isn't that a retirement?


Streakermg t1_j5qroq2 wrote

They were still a thing?


taffyowner t1_j5r43xw wrote

It’s not a split if you’re the only person in the band


Phoenixrage187 t1_j5rll26 wrote

No shade, but I had no idea they were still a band 🤷🏽‍♂️


1nternetP3rson t1_j5rnr2j wrote

they pretty much aren’t, it’s just brendon so it’s a solo project


krimpee2934 t1_j5s7228 wrote

Thanks Variety for the oldest news in years..


bignasty9898 t1_j5p0tmo wrote

Good. The newest song on the radio is hot garbage.


Own-Customer-9223 t1_j5q6u0i wrote

20 years too late.


SweetCosmicPope t1_j5p3nf3 wrote

Let's be honest, these guys haven't been any good since AFYCSO. It was beyond time to go.


JonKon1 t1_j5pgwvn wrote

Pretty odd was had some pretty good songs too. I haven’t listened to it in ages, but it had some amazing imagery. Then half the band left and… well, you know


SultanasCurse t1_j5t99tq wrote

They had good songs after but Fever definitely was their best album in my opinion.


AlanMorlock t1_j5qnr3j wrote

"The evil is defeated"

I swear Panic and Fall Out Boy are like musical herpes that never seem to go away. The worst bands from a terrible era of music that have somehow persisted.


taffyowner t1_j5r478e wrote

How dare you say that about mid 2000s emo music


Sidneysnewhusband t1_j5r1ijl wrote

Fall Out Boy’s new song says hi lol new album out March 24th!!!!!! Please don’t lump them with Panic thanks


AlanMorlock t1_j5r35ta wrote

Awful. Worst band of the last 30 years.


Sidneysnewhusband t1_j5r6z2z wrote

Well if we’re talking 30 years you’re telling me you think bands like Hanson, Hoobastank, Nickelback are better than FOB and if so how do you expect me to trust your taste? lol


AlanMorlock t1_j5r7ocn wrote

All bad bands, none of which as annoying as FOB. Godawful. I'd rather litsten to dental drills.


Sidneysnewhusband t1_j5r80xo wrote

Well, to each their own lol I feel this way about Serj Tankian’s voice


valentja2021 t1_j5p9cy5 wrote

I would maybe be upset if I knew who they were….


Jwishh t1_j5pnmhh wrote

How out of touch can a person be with music? This much apparently


Sidneysnewhusband t1_j5r1543 wrote

I think you’re being facetious lol are you saying you’ve never even heard this band name once?


1nternetP3rson t1_j5rnk1a wrote

have you never heard i write sins not tragedies? or their less good songs like high hopes, hey look ma i made it, or house of memories (it was popular on tiktok for a bit as far as i’m aware)?