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_metamax_ t1_j5e37ze wrote

If this isn’t the dumbest shit lol. It just shows they know nothing about the album.


Nahadot t1_j5gi3jk wrote

Or about physics for that matter.


SixDerv1sh t1_j5jka76 wrote

Science class, strong beam of light and a prism. Thought everyone was taught that.


[deleted] t1_j5eceea wrote

It's probably just a lame journalist fishing for a story.


MaximumHemidrive t1_j5ezqo9 wrote

Oh no, I saw endless comments on fb when Pink Floyd changed their profile picture.

All from people wearing sunglasses in a truck.


Dada2fish t1_j5gu6vs wrote

So those several people on FB are the anti woke mob?


2geeks t1_j5fuha9 wrote

Nope. I’ve personally seen the comments on a social media post with several people getting their tantrums going about it. I was rather incredulous at first, but yes. Bigots really are that dumb. Lol


ZxasdtheBear t1_j5igji5 wrote

They heard minority groups being put up against the wall in "In the Flesh" and thought that the band had conservative values.


cracquelature t1_j5f6s3w wrote

It reads that way and also, there are already hundreds of Pink Floyd box sets so it’s hard to not see this as an advertisement. Also the art that is shown in the article is not very evocative of the dark side of the moon’s cover, in fact it looks really low effort imo. Seems like a big ole troll trolley


ILoveThisPlace t1_j5fjt7s wrote

There's no way a significant minority of the population is that stupid that would make this story believable which is why I wont even read it. 1 or 2 isolated idiots sure. Enough idiots to form any sort of online or in person community to voice this opinion without getting a smack in the back of the head is incredibly unlikely.


copyboy1 t1_j5g515w wrote

Wait… did you just say there’s no way there are tons of dumb bigots?

Counterpoint: America.


herrbz t1_j5h51yx wrote

That's the thing.

They're not even fans; they don't care about Pink Floyd.

They just want to get mad at something.


myleftone t1_j5eszma wrote

I originally thought this was much ado about a handful of stupid troll comments. No big.

Then my son and wife showed me posts from their own socials. And I even saw a few morons on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn. Where their employers lurk.

I’m having a hard time believing it’s astroturfing.


IAm-The-Lawn t1_j5gzoul wrote

Imagine posting something even vaguely religious / politically-charged to your LinkedIn… big yikes. But I suppose some people have to learn through hindsight rather than foresight.


SimplyQuid t1_j5ida2y wrote

You gotta remember that there are plenty of bosses who would join them.


SomeFerventEmber t1_j5ggyx9 wrote

I want to complain about their moronic oversight, but tbh it's pathetic more than anything. I really wanna know what the fuck some parents are teaching/learning from the western world nowadays.

It's like maybe most ppl were raised by fear and less care previously? And now we're overcaring about ourself by a lack of fear of the real world, oblivious how other people really think/feel that dont say? Not everything is superficial--like me calling them pathetic, so they cope and redirect it anywhere else, when that's the only reason it's pathetic, like being "anti-woke" is the ONLY way they can live and be loved.

Edit: grammar.

Ps "you're making yourselves look stupid [with that rainbow]." My brother in Christ, I've lived more stupid before the 70s than you have your whole life, and that's saying something. (Not me, but there are tons of ppl ik who have)


Apostate_Nate t1_j5e7kza wrote

Well, people are dumb, and most Americans are extremely resistant to the idea of learning about anything that happened more than a week earlier.

Edit - downvotes don't change reality. The rest of Western society is far less interested in reacting badly with no historic context for literally any and every thing that comes down the pipe. Try fixing that instead of complaining that a fellow American sees it as the problem it so obviously is.


VladimirPricey t1_j5f1odu wrote

I think they took the “We don’t need no education” line too seriously


Willow_Weak t1_j5e539x wrote

How to gaslight yourself.


DarkJester89 OP t1_j5e57u0 wrote

These upvote ratings, it's hard to tell what side is getting mad, that the word "amused" and "rainbow" are in the title or "amused" and "cancelled".

It's going way up, and then way down, hard to tell.


Willow_Weak t1_j5e65fr wrote

Don't really understand your comment I'm sorry. I meant it as expression of how ridiculous it is to Boykott a masterpiece of art due to his "gayness". I'm Gay 😂


BlackLesPaulCopy t1_j5eqxmf wrote

100% of the people complaining about the Pink Floyd logo also think Kid Rock is good. I don't know it as a fact, I just know it to be true.


Pussycat-X t1_j5e7i2w wrote

The anti woke mob, truly the floating turd at the US pool party.


DarkJester89 OP t1_j5e8cch wrote

the floating turd that bumps into the other floating turd, "the rioters and chop/chazzers" setting the country on fire.


browsing_around t1_j5ei423 wrote

What cities burned down again? They seem to all be standing still.


Fark_ID t1_j5fhq04 wrote

‘Boogaloo Boi’ charged in fire of Minneapolis police precinct during George Floyd protest. Ill just leave that here


browsing_around t1_j5g7wcm wrote

So a single building was burnt down. One building is very different than an entire city. I’m not condoning burning down of any buildings. But let’s try and be a little more accurate with our statements.


gusterfell t1_j5gdx49 wrote

Yes, and it was burnt down by a Boogaloo Boi, aka a fascist, to make the protesters look bad.


PedroEglasias t1_j5gcjfm wrote

Seems like a figure of speech about ruining things, not necessarily actually lighting fires...


gusterfell t1_j5gdobi wrote

What have they ruined?


PedroEglasias t1_j5gdsdd wrote

I'm not making a judgement on anything except the meaning of that person's comment lol


Pussycat-X t1_j5e8zzu wrote

Get your own joke asshat.


Apostate_Nate t1_j5e95ek wrote

Lmao you should do the same, your attempt at humor was not remotely new. Also, don't be a dick.


Pussycat-X t1_j5e9su7 wrote

Yawn. Who said it was new? I said get your own.

It's a joke not a dick, don't take it so hard.

See, also not new but at least I put in some effort.


Apostate_Nate t1_j5ecmsr wrote

Parroting eight grade insults is an effort for you?

I'm sorry.


Pussycat-X t1_j5ei36i wrote

Took the dick hard, eh? Bummer.


Apostate_Nate t1_j5ei59j wrote

Lmao repetitive much? You were right to yawn, you're boring.


Pussycat-X t1_j5eie3u wrote

No lube even?


Apostate_Nate t1_j5eiiue wrote

Yeah, three wild swings, three misses, I'm done wasting time on you. So long weirdo. Try coming up with a single thing to say that isn't taken from someone smarter than you.


Affectionate-Ad9027 t1_j5erejg wrote

All you’ve done is be insulted and say “hahah okay man stop it this time or else” over and over and over


Klarthy t1_j5ej7qx wrote

It seems so dumb that I don't know if actual idiots started this or if this is an astroturfing campaign for either: 1. getting people talking about the album to drive sales or 2. driving more division in the culture war.


retroracer33 t1_j5fakae wrote

" or if this is an astroturfing campaign for either: 1. getting people talking about the album to drive sales"

you really think pink floyd is fucking astroturfing for a 50 year old rerelease? being a bit cynical is healthy, but cmon.

in the past year or so conservatives have gone after m&ms, dr. seuess, and scooby doo....not sure why this is hard to believe.


Fark_ID t1_j5fhbzi wrote

Like David Gilmour is worried about his houseboat payments. There are enough "ive been a fan for 50 years and you went WOKE" posts that it seems totally plausible. Between the platform of nothing but culture wars and the complete inability to think why not?


NicksAunt t1_j5iq6y8 wrote

How could an actual fan think that? They know what the album cover looks like, it’s one of the most iconic album covers of all time. It’s been 50 years, and putting the rainbow in the zero of the 50 is just a simple design to incorporate the number and the album cover.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is being disingenuous or isn’t a real fan of the band and are either actually ignorant or being willfully ignorant. It’s so fucking stupid that I just can’t believe the “outrage” is genuine.


Klarthy t1_j5ggjq9 wrote

I don't think Pink Floyd would have direct involvement, but a stakeholder could have paid for marketing / social media exposure and this stirring controversy is one strategy used.

Most of the "woke" things being attacked by conservatives are astroturfed. At least when it comes to the viral propagation and amplification, especially by conservative "news".


Malice_n_Flames t1_j5euh17 wrote

Anti-woke should be called asleep as that is the opposite of awake.


nihilt-jiltquist t1_j5fclwt wrote

If you don't know your history...
The album came out in 73... and it wasn't until five years later, in1978 when Gilbert Baker, an artist, designer, war veteran and drag queen created the rainbow flag for a Gay Pride Event in San Francisco. I think it should be noted that Pink Floyd has never made a fuss about anyone using the rainbow.


itypeallmycomments t1_j5hfcaj wrote

It also should be noted that not all things featuring a rainbow are automatically 'gay' now, even after the adoption of the gay pride flag. I don't understand the blind hatred people have that is so instantly triggered by the sight of a spectrum of colours in a certain order.

I swear these people would shun their own 5 year old kids if they saw them draw a rainbow in art class.


micky_tease t1_j5e9umr wrote

The best part is people are actually saying that the original wasn’t a rainbow but was instead a prism splitting white light into colours. I shit you not.

Best line I saw was ‘Some of these people really took we don’t need no education to heart!’


Zanos-Ixshlae t1_j5gblgv wrote

Two words: Freedom Fries. When France came out againt the USA invasion of Iraq in the early 2000's, conservatives lost their shit. The Dixie Chick's came out against Bush and were cancelled. These people don't like the truth, they don't like inclusion, and they can't admit they're in the wrong.


DosiDos2iiNF t1_j5gtl62 wrote

OMG!! 🤣

I remember in middle school a whole bunch of kids saying that! I was confused, confused w/ what was going on at that time. ( I mean what kid is paying attention to things like that anyways lol)

I never understood the whole idea of humans being capable of having a “sheep” like mindset, but mayne now that you remind me of this time in my life I’m convinced that maybe we, as a society, been conditioned for a long, long time to be if not stupid then lacking a lot of common sense.


marketlurker t1_j5ey6ic wrote

How does one "cancel" a band? Does all 12 people saying "I'm not going to listen to them anymore" constitute a cancelling? If so, I have some news for Justin Beiber.


Unusual_Cat731 t1_j5fqxhv wrote

How long before they go after Sir Issac Newton for his work in refracting light that gives us the prism. Get a life people more important things going on in the world than what is on the album cover of one of the most overrated band's of all time


drmanhattannfriends t1_j5gadul wrote

I saw Roger Waters a few months ago. I saw a tik tok or something showing people getting pissed at his politics at one of his shows. Unreal.


goodusernamegood t1_j5gcqgx wrote

A link to the exact same article that was posted four hours earlier, which has the same information as the article that was posted yesterday. And the mods act like they're doing anything.


brownsfan760 t1_j5e4sib wrote

Oh, we are having a good laugh over it.


-Great-Scott- t1_j5e85bx wrote



wwarnout t1_j5ewm3k wrote

This is one example of why "anti-woke" should be more accurately labeled "anti-intelligence".


urkldajrkl t1_j5giqzp wrote

“The lunatic is in the hall.

The lunatics are in my hall.

The paper holds their folded faces to the floor

And every day the paper boy brings more.”

The hypocritical right can shout whatever idiotic mantra they want. My hope is that it draws attention to Pink Floyd, gets Gen latest to listen to their music, and maybe this brings about a resurgence in decent music, with lyrics that mean something, other than “why use a mirror, if you can improve your own reflection with a smartphone”


Highpark1 t1_j5gp163 wrote

Just when you manage to convince yourself that the world isnt really full of thick as sh*t morons , this happens. This is almost as bad as the people who thought Tolkien was insensitive to write the two towers


SnooOwls1850 t1_j5fg6ht wrote

Then they should cancel Newton too! He made the pure white light gay!


6Assets t1_j5g21x5 wrote

This dumb shit just reminded me to listen to DSOTM today and it was awesome


Great_Bodini t1_j5gpzat wrote

You can’t cancel Pink Floyd


Ijetys t1_j5eidkq wrote

Wery smurt peeeppöl


meeseeksanddestroy t1_j5eslbx wrote

This is now the top 3 posts on this sub. Check the damn front page before posting.


guitar_heroes t1_j5g7ez4 wrote

There are no mods here so good luck with them removing this post


lclassyfun t1_j5f29zk wrote

You‘d think the MAGA core group I’m guessing as boomers would know and recognize the prism rainbow from Dark Side? Sad and laughable.


BigGreenGetInHere t1_j5f2acn wrote

Does this really need at least 3 posts on the music front page? This is just rage bait at this point. Writing articles about a few comments from insignificant pissants is pitiful.


rurne t1_j5fbi5n wrote

Prisms? How do they work?


ErikTheRed707 t1_j5flz0t wrote

Nobody is canceling the band. Writing posts like this only adds to the confusion. Let idiots be idiots and let’s move on.


Burstar1 t1_j5fyaj0 wrote

Okay, now I know I'm getting old. I don't know if "Anti-Woke" means being against over-the-top white knighting or in support of discrimination.


uv-vis t1_j5g2wgt wrote

Refraction creates rainbows.. must mean prisms are gay and woke!!


PlayListyForMe t1_j5gevtd wrote

Alot of people choose to be offended rather than informed,I guessit saves time.


LeeLA5000 t1_j5grp7c wrote

So the people that don't understand Pink Floyd's music also don't understand their album cover? Oh noooo...anyway


Namorath82 t1_j5h3kqf wrote

you're next lucky charms!


Musicfan637 t1_j5h4f74 wrote

How big is the anti woke crowd?


RemarkableCheetah892 t1_j5havs6 wrote

The original cover had a prism rainbow on it. Wtf is wrong with people. Just because everyone seems to be fay these days they think it's a fay pride thing. Freaking dumb. Rock on Floyd


Wazza17 t1_j5hsxvm wrote

What next rainbow paddle pop ice creams


Jibber_Fight t1_j5ic01h wrote

Just reminds me of Black Sheep: "I got dibs on top bunk!!" sarcastically: "okay!"


bigwreck94 t1_j5ie1my wrote

I don’t think this is actually happening…


SLPERAS t1_j5inmsl wrote

lol someone posted this again???


EpikNyan t1_j5isl5i wrote

I refuse to believe that this is a real discourse. What is the band supposed to do, un-publish the album? lol


DementedDon t1_j5f8zdt wrote

If anything, I'm ordering a new dsotm t-shirt on Monday. Feck these troglodytes. C'mon the Floyd!

Ps anyone know how to change battery for led in pulse album?


Ooh-Rah t1_j5fq6jz wrote

Well, isn't this just charming? Idiots with an agenda, always looking for an agenda.


kryptylomese t1_j5fs5c4 wrote

anti woke = stupid

Who doesn't understand this?


seeingeyegod t1_j5g8fdg wrote

Not listening to a band you never listened to is cancelling, k.


Kinenai t1_j5htly9 wrote

To be fair, the left has been hunting down relics of the past and cancelling them. Arguments from either side are pretty weak since the past is the past and inserting current sensibilities onto what was considered innocent and/or inoffensive at the time is a massive waste of time and truly serves no purpose. It's just trolls being all that they can be. Pay them no mind, light up and enjoy the rhythms of our ancestors.


nzstrawman t1_j5idlyj wrote

imagine being so precious as to be enraged by a rainbow?

And to be so ignorant as to not connect the dots


BuckNutley t1_j5f3jrn wrote

3rd time in 2 days I've seen this posted...

News Flash: People are idiots.


kenzi_audio t1_j5fuhaj wrote

Hate rots the brain 🙄


Executeorder69_ t1_j5ermrl wrote

Roger waters is probably offended rn


mt8675309 t1_j5g2vw6 wrote

Tin foil hats won’t protect these stupid bastards from going down in history as stooges.


Gor3pigg214 t1_j5h3cil wrote

jesus i thought they were all dead


bigstankdaddy10 t1_j5g57h6 wrote

“antiwoke mob” = 7 boomers on facebook….


jmckay2508 t1_j5g8kum wrote

I saw the original post on Facebook and I just had to scroll the comments, sadly it was a lot more than 7. Most of the reply’s by fans ranged from amused to dismissive


locri t1_j5e4hug wrote



krazkatluvsu t1_j5e5tso wrote

Nope. It's very real. Saw it in real time on their Facebook page. It was really sad to see.


Scuka1 t1_j5edyzr wrote

Not fake, but most likely blown way out of proportion by trash media hungry for clicks.


Igottamake t1_j5egimx wrote

Canceling Pink Floyd because of that prism is doing the right thing for the wrong reason.


noopenusernames t1_j5et7i7 wrote

Anti-woke doesn’t cancel, that’s a vehicle of ‘the woke’. Fake story is fake


moose2332 t1_j5gm688 wrote

Don't you have a book burning to go to. I heard one of the characters is gay and I know that makes you people big mad.


noopenusernames t1_j5hrda9 wrote

As a trans-person who doesn’t guzzle major media’s balls like you clearly do, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.


moose2332 t1_j5ic7qk wrote

I don't need to read major media to read the public statements and the laws written by right ringers who block a gasket because gay people exist.


noopenusernames t1_j5ig92p wrote

What the fuck are you even on about?


moose2332 t1_j5igu15 wrote

The literal laws passed by real humans that want to ban gay people from children's books that all these anti-woke people jerk themselves off to


noopenusernames t1_j5iqstq wrote

Ok? Sounds like you’re complaining about the opposite side of a wide pendulum swing, with similar ridiculous shit happening on the other side of the swing. How about we just get back to neutral?


moose2332 t1_j5isupu wrote

One side: Put a rainbow on an album cover 50 years ago

Other side: Ban gays from the children

You: These are too equally extreme sides


noopenusernames t1_j5izygs wrote

No. But good job attempting to make it look that extreme. Sounds like you you need some handholding to understand this critical-thinking level concept;

Here’s what 2 proper extremes would look like;

One side: “Let’s fire a teacher for not calling a student a cat when the student claims to be “cat”-gendered.”

Other side: “Let’s cancel a band because they redesigned an album cover and put a rainbow on it, which we think they did because of woke social justice warriors and not because the original cover also featured a rainbow 50 years ago.”

There, now you see how both of these present a very extreme scenario, but originating from groups of people on both sides of the “woke” movement? That’s a better example.

Except one of these statements is about something that actually happened, and the other is a fake, socially-engineered attempt to rile up one or both sides to keep them bickering with each other, assuming they’re the kind of people guzzle the balls of this sort of media bullshit enough to believe it. Which segues me nicely back to my original point…