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Novel-Various t1_j5innig wrote

Who wrote the song? I've never heard of it.


cptnamr7 t1_j5ke4nj wrote

SR71 originally. They decided it "sounded more like a Bowling for Soup song" and gifted it to them, becoming one of their biggest hits.

Bowling for Soup has a new-ish song out not called "Getting old Sucks (but everybody's doing it)" that does seem like a fitting follow up to this though.


PatientComputer7440 t1_j5l4yja wrote

The original is better! "Never knew George was gay! Hope they'd hook up one day!" 😂


Clyde_Bruckman t1_j5ilh76 wrote

As someone born in 1985…fuck I feel old rn.


dancingmeadow t1_j5ikfnk wrote

As a person who was an adult by 1985, this made me smile.


Abacab4 t1_j5iploi wrote

Guess someone needs to make a sequel song about her daughter who’s still pining for… two thousand… two thousand… two thousand and four!


yourmomsajoke t1_j5j8ohf wrote

There's an updated version been around on tiktok for a couple of years, it threw me for a loop 😭 I felt so old hearing it lol.


birdlass t1_j5jqiyu wrote

Honestly as I'm almost 29 years old I find that I am the woman that Bowling for Soup was talking about. I grew up with this being a big part of my youth and now it's just hit me so much harder.


Available_Expression t1_j5k0n8s wrote

sr71 did the original version. bowling for soup covered it. bowling for soup also covered "Stacy's mom" as another big hit.


lecherousrodent t1_j5ouhw7 wrote

Until this moment, I didn't even know they covered Stacy's Mom. All I've ever heard was the Fountains of Wayne version.