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EngineSpecialist259 t1_j8of1s1 wrote

This is exactly what we need! The population boom from people moving out from the big cities to smaller ones is just a glimpse of what climate change will do to places like North Jersey. You think the rent is high now, just give it a couple of decades when we’re dealing with climate refugees AND the need to upgrade our infrastructure to meet the challenges from local effects of climate change.


SerDel812 t1_j8qlgxd wrote

Tbh lots of the proposed routes will be the first ones to go with climate change and rising water levels. We wont be taking refugees, we’ll BE the refugees.


TrafficSNAFU t1_j8sy6tj wrote

As rough as we'll have it, other places we'll get it much worse.


Nexis4Jersey t1_j8pe92j wrote

The comments on the other subreddits are shocking...why do we need this...this is redundant...I guess they aren't aware of the gridlock and the strained bus system.


Newarkguy1836 t1_j8sdj02 wrote

Typical Newarkphobic nimby bs.

They see "Newark" & the NYC worshippers go crazy.


TrafficSNAFU t1_j8szd3e wrote

The 72 and 74 are long bus rides for non-NYC buses.


Nexis4Jersey t1_j8t62x6 wrote

Both are well-used but suffer from the congested roadways between the 2 cities... The Newark-Elizabeth routes and Airport / Port routes are also busy. The congestion on FRB needs to addressed... Central , Springfield and South Orange ave need BRT and Bloomfield needs a LRT.


1Pichi t1_j8ozr3g wrote

They spelled Newark wrong on the last map


Gamezilla2022 t1_j8p3xux wrote

This is pretty cool, I would love to see this one day. Just need’s support and funding, and wait a decade or less if we lucky


TrafficSNAFU t1_j8t1wyo wrote

My only gripe with these plans is that nothing ever comes of them or they duplicate existing plans or plan already sitting in development hell. Here are some transit projects/improvements in Northern New Jersey I would personally love to see. There are more things I would like to see of course, but I limited this list to the areas mentioned in this circular rail plan.

  1. Better weekend service on the MOBO, i.e improved frequency and extension of the Bay Street-Hoboken Shuttle.
  2. Improvements to Waterfront Connection to allow for more trains on NJ Transit's Newark Division to serve Hoboken Terminal. Hoboken Terminal is an underutilized asset. I would personally love to see all rush hour and weekend Raritan Valley Line trains terminate/originate at Hoboken Terminal when slots are not available at NY Penn. Construction of the Hunter Flyover would aide operational flexibility to better enable this.
  3. Finally constructing the long awaited Northern Branch extension of the HBLR.
  4. Extending the NLR to Paterson
  5. Union County Bus Rapid Transit.
  6. Bergen County BRT
  7. Passaic-Bergen LRT project.

Nexis4Jersey t1_j8t3tu1 wrote

The Waterfront Connection and Hunter Flyover along with the Passaic River Bridge replacement are in the funding phase... With Amtrak seeking to operate service to Eastern PA on the RVL and M&E I think you'll see those funded soon. They should run full weekend Montclair-Boonton line service not just the shuttle. The Union County BRT should be dropped in favor of the resurrecting the sheveled Newark-Elizabeth-Cranford LRT which was absent from this proposal.


TrafficSNAFU t1_j8t5zgd wrote

Big question, did any agency out in the Lehigh Valley apply for FRA funding for a passenger rail corridor? Compared to other hopeful corridors, I've heard next to nothing from that area. As for the other projects, I've seen them mentioned in the NJ Transit capital plan but without any firm funding commitments.


Nexis4Jersey t1_j8t77cf wrote

Both plans are oddly different from the state plans from 2010s which go all the way back to the 90s. The Amtrak 2035 plan calls for 2x service per day from Allentown and Scranton to NY. Under the PA State Rail proposal which i'm told is still the recommended plan , service would start in Harrisburg head east servicing all the major towns like Lebanon , Hershey , Reading then Allentown then more or less express to Newark with one intermediate stop. NJT would provide hourly service from Allentown to Newark-Hoboken. The same has been proposed for the Lackawanna cutoff which under the NY State rail plans restores service to the Southern tier / Buffalo/ Syracuse with at least 3x service from NYC. NJT would run trains every 2hrs from Scranton to Hoboken. The Lackawanna recently received funding for construction to Andover with phase 2 receiving some funding on the PA side.


TrafficSNAFU t1_j8t9uqg wrote

I know all of that but there's a still a fair bit of money needed to make these projects a reality. One of the most important ways to get funding is through the Federal Railroad Administration's Corridor Identification and Development program, which allows passenger rail corridor to get Federal money to establish service. In the case of the Scranton-NYC service, the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Rail Authority is both submitting an application to the FRA and is working on a ridership study in partnership with Amtrak. As far as I'm aware the same can not be said for the Lehigh Valley area.


naglephoto t1_j9v5yah wrote

DO IT! They need to revive a lot of the abandoned rail lines, especially the ones that go through dense and rather walkable neighborhoods