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Ironboundian t1_ixmb150 wrote

What’s the lie?

This is from the website linked

“Please be advised that on March 4, 2022 and pursuant to Executive Order 292, Governor Murphy rescinded the Public Health Emergency but has never terminated the New Jersey State of Emergency as it relates to COVID-19.”


ryanov t1_ixxjbjp wrote

My building is exempt from rent control and they tried to raise mine 12%. I ignored them and they later came back with 6%, but Jesus.

I knew there was trouble brewing when that John Oliver piece quoted that POS talking about there being a shortage in housing. "Then there was footage of Bob Nicolls of Monarch Investment and Management Group gushing over the 'unprecedented opportunity' to 'press rents.' 'Where are people gonna go? They can’t go anywhere,' he reasoned."

If I believed in hell, people like that would be going.


Atuk-77 t1_ixmi89g wrote

Rent freeze doesn’t do any good to the city, however, it may be necessary to have a cap ~5%.


Kingsizebed t1_ixn7bry wrote

Joe Biden America


Echos_myron123 t1_ixuol42 wrote

Our rent freeze is decided by the mayor not the president you absolute moron.