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Ironboundian t1_iy6cv7k wrote

Did anyone go before? Any reviews?


AsSubtleAsABrick t1_iy82eik wrote

If you have small children they will enjoy it most likely. Everyone drives at like 2mph so they can be unbuckled and jump around the car looking at things.

Maybe I am cynical but if you are an adult only group make sure you bring a good attitude and are ready to act silly because it's not exactly the most impressive thing in the world..


Raeginglamb t1_iy6z6wv wrote

Bring a car full of people and your own treats. The food is meh but the lights are pretty cool. There’s also a special radio station with Christmas music you can tune into.


DrixxYBoat t1_iy8dv3g wrote

I went to one of these in Denver and it was a blast. Obviously go during the night time for the intended effect.

The lights are synced to the music station which is fun, and the overall vibe is very chill and laid back.

I haven't been to this one yet but I do know the owners and they're super good people.

With this and Newark Moonlight Cinema, these guys have added 2 more events of variety to the city and I hope by supporting this, it inspires more people to do the same along with making what we have rn, better for next time.