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hufflepufffpufffpass t1_j0h6stv wrote

Casa D Paco is incredible Been multiple times Would love to check out the other spots


daleardenyourhigness t1_j0gmc3k wrote

Not surprised that a couple of Newark's Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian options would be recognized. But big congrats to Urban Vegan! It's an excellent place basically right across from City Hall. Great to see it get this recognition.


relampagos_shawty t1_j0i79xq wrote

Kind of weird that the most populous city in nj only has 3 out of 100 lol


GhostOfRobertTreat t1_j0jl5nn wrote

If you do the math, Newark is only like 3% of the state’s population now.


LordStirling83 t1_j0mlc19 wrote

It's weird, I know Newark's population, and I know NJ's, but it never clicked that Newark comprised such a small percentage until you pointed it out.


GhostOfRobertTreat t1_j0noxos wrote

In like 1940 it was 10% and Essex, Bergen, Hudson combined was like the bulk of the state. We really suburbanized after that.


RelativeNo9387 t1_j0gg9mr wrote

I work in Newark and never heard of any of the 3


Tone_Lok t1_j0hv0lh wrote

Casa D Paco is official! You should check it out some day.


sutisuc t1_j0gx65f wrote

Urban vegan is fine but I would not put it anywhere near the top 100 restaurants in the state let alone top five.


HudsonGuy91 t1_j0tbk1y wrote

Where the hell's Marcus B&P?


inf4mation t1_j0zqia6 wrote

in the back of the Hahne Building (same building as whole foods)