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Jimmy_kong253 t1_j65au7d wrote

Just give it up already there should be more demand for school funding and housing instead.


TrafficSNAFU t1_j65stdz wrote

To be fair there are various ways to approach reparations. Doesn't have to be direct payment, it could also be done through broader societal investments in education, housing, ability to establish small business, etc


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j65tbb2 wrote

Yeah but then you would have the issues that minorities farmers had when the Biden administration tried to give them special funding. The white farmers sued claiming the government can't discriminate towards one group or another and they won that case. I can see the same thing happening again


ahtasva t1_j681lqs wrote

Cory booker specializes in sponsoring bills that won’t pass🤣. This clown is so so deep up pharma’s ass that he has no idea when it is night or day.

All this talk about reparations is just a red hearing dems roll out every time black and monitory voter get a sense that the party they are so loyal to has fucked them over.

Whenever you see discussions of reparations in the news, you know that the democrats are worried of losing support. You can set your watch by it .


Newarkguy1836 t1_j6bc1bp wrote

"....Senator Cory Booker-A Newark resident,..."

I lost interest at that very lie.