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the00therjc t1_j9y1mv2 wrote

When I need to paint my house, I only use the best lead based paint


Old_Gringo t1_j9xzkvr wrote

Asbestos: the perfect insulation. Cool in summer. Warm in winter.


phucmei93 t1_j9yg4yu wrote

He probably smoked then with his donut steak hamburger.


Bobbinapplestoo t1_j9y14p3 wrote

I swam as a child and was able to do 50meters underwater on a single breath in my teens. Later on, i smoked a pack of camels a day for 12 years. Never once felt winded from them.

What i am trying to say is the camels not winding famous swimmers has more to do with their own conditioning than the cigarettes being "mild".


OsakaJack t1_j9yo3qg wrote

Thank you for saying this. We all know that smoking the weed is very bad for you. It fills your lungs with that weed juice and just gums up the tubes. And most cigarettes are a little better but, while they are good for clearing the lungs, have too many additives.

Camels are the way to go. These are just plain good for you, as any doctor will tell you.


Buddie_15775 t1_j9y5ozk wrote

Followed swiftly by a Nazi salute…


WRMN8R t1_j9yawoz wrote

Flash Gordon!


workyworkaccount t1_j9yh5de wrote

Smoking; it's safer than diving near Russian cruisers.


Onetap1 t1_j9zrc22 wrote

Different Buster Crabb.


Surveymonkee t1_j9zyfn0 wrote

Correct. This is Buster Crabbe... not to be confused with Buster Crabb, who was the MI6 Frogman... not to be confused with Mr. Krabs, who is a Bikini Bottom restauranteur, owner of The Krusty Krab.


Onetap1 t1_ja2npyb wrote

Amongst the many theories about Crabb's disappearance;

"Crabb's age and poor health caused by his heavy drinking and smoking had made him unsuitable for the mission that he had been assigned."

Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it, Crabbe.


omartheoutmaker t1_j9zigko wrote

My favorite one of these old Camel ads, was one for Thanksgiving dinner. Every course began and ended by smoking a cigarette. Green bean casserole/Camel/ Turkey and Stuffing/Camel Pumpkin pie/Camel Coffee/Camel. The text was something like, “You’re mouth’s watering for those home baked rolls, but first, light up a Camel.”


Financial_Heart4768 t1_j9yx59h wrote

We can look back and laugh at how stupid they were...while we vape as much as we like. Hmmm?


exbex t1_ja09ma3 wrote

90 years from now they'll be posting "2 weeks to flatten the curve" posters and wondering how we were so stupid.


xplotosphoenix t1_ja0dek0 wrote

Boy, did we endure horseshit a long time ago and it still happens today. The corporations are better at distraction now with what they do but the song remains the same.


blueskies1800 t1_ja0ex28 wrote

Yes, the good old days. Sometimes you see someone post something about how good times were back in the day. Don't believe it. I was there. It wasn't any better. And often worse.