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Light_Beard t1_j9i0kzi wrote

Went on a search Rabbit hole from this. Hard to believe that Ginger (Tina Louise) is the only one still with us.


notbob1959 t1_j9ie5hc wrote

Might not be from the 60s. She was born in 38 and she looks younger than 22, but she was 25 when Gilligan's Island first aired before her birthday in 64 and I would have guessed she was a bit younger than that so maybe she just looks young for her age.

Edit: She definitely looks a little older than she did in the 1956 Reno High School yearbook.


deviltrombone t1_j9kdmdl wrote

I always felt good for Gilligan when she'd bake him a coconut cream pie.


AeronMelon t1_j9i140m wrote

I thought this was a city pop album cover for a moment. I absolutely did not recognize her. Why couldn't she have THAT hair on the show?


warkyboy77 t1_j9i4df0 wrote

Of all of them on the show, she was Dawn Well, the best one.


fucktrutin t1_j9i9y1q wrote

Yummy Island. Even Mrs. Howell.