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turdferguson3891 t1_j9c4gte wrote

I make up back stories for them. She slowly poisoned him with arsenic and inherited his horse meat packing fortune before dying herself in a tragic dirigible accident.


pseudocultist t1_j9cgsxe wrote

We've done this with Glamor shots from Goodwill. "This is Cousin Iliana, last seen in 1987, not forgotten, we assume she joined a cult. She was always kind of taps head "


mikeonmaui t1_j9c6sh1 wrote

Here the the opportunity for you to have interesting and illustrious ancestors. As suggested here, make detailed and wild stories about who they are. Connect them with other photos of unknown people.


butterflypoo69 t1_j9ccnjh wrote

Who got the horses? That's important :0


milliescatmom t1_j9gf3mj wrote

I do art journaling. I love coming across a random treasure trove of “instant ancestors “ I use them in collages, maybe make up a story about them, make wedding, birthday, etc, all occasion cards


Pale-Entertainer-639 t1_j9gndfc wrote

Damn it, what I came here to say.
I used to love finding old photos in thrift stores and such and making up stories about who they were if people asked why I had the random photo of this random couple or something.