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cosplayernerdgirl OP t1_j9ckxnc wrote

Unfortunately my grandmother was an only child. I may have relatives in other states but I’m unsure. I might have to save up for a dna test.


codeking12 t1_j9dofsf wrote

Ancestry has free trials where you can really dig down into your family tree for up to two weeks. That’s more than long enough for an exhaustive search if you’re dedicated. It’s a lot of fun and you’d be really surprised at how far you can go back and the history you can put together. You’ll also be connected to a number of your relatives who also use the service. If the marriage and birth records don’t help you out, no doubt some of your distant relatives may be able to.

I will say it’s unfortunate there weren’t notes on the backs of the photos. I thought everyone from the pre-digital world did that. Maybe I just got lucky.


zolakk t1_j9gkwxx wrote

Also if you l happen to have any Mormons in your family, reach out to them because IIRC genealogy is a big part of their faith and at least all the Mormons I know have surprisingly exhaustive family tree records