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BuildingAFuture21 t1_j9csqw5 wrote

It wouldn’t hurt to get an ancestry account for a bit so you can create a family tree with the people you do know. I’ve been able to ID two family member photos doing this. Other people will upload pics and know who it is…it’s crazy how much you can find. Some of it’s kinda fuzzy since census stuff was hand-written, but overall I’ve found it really useful.

You can pay for however long, and even when you stop, you can still log in and see what you already created. You just can’t add stuff without paying.


jargo1 t1_j9d8qsq wrote

Family Search is a free alternative to Ancestry and is actually incredibly thorough


Perrykat12 t1_j9da6ez wrote

I found more through family search than I did with Ancestry!


scouter t1_j9d80zd wrote

This. My wife had legacy photos that her mother was unable to identify (dementia), and we were able to use ancestry submissions to figure out some of the unknowns.


codeking12 t1_j9doqnu wrote

I just commented this! Such a great service and enjoyable experience. I even paid for a 6 month membership and really dug deep. It’s totally worth it to do and share with family that might continue the quest or who would have otherwise never known.