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myeff t1_ja7pe5t wrote

I always love seeing this picture. You could never get a shot with that many people naturally, broadly smiling without something unexpected like that pig.


notbob1959 t1_ja8qtvl wrote

Here is the original black and white photo which is dated 1927.

Edit: Fun fact; the image was used on one of the loose inserts that came with the 2020 bootleg release of Pink Floyd - Sit Down for the Animals.


copyrighther t1_ja8sn4n wrote

This sub struggles with dating photos


bristolcities t1_ja99w69 wrote

And with colouring old black and white photos. Mostly done badly.


Killerkendolls t1_ja9gi13 wrote

For real though. Those men's suits on the right are so oversaturated it's lost all definition.


camwow13 t1_ja9s4ft wrote

And finding high quality photos. Needs to be a postage stamp saved at 50 quality JPG saved 3 times over before it qualifies to be shared.


Musk-Order66 t1_jaade12 wrote

Pretty soon this will be a colorized version of an 1890s pic


leositruc t1_ja9cwoz wrote

The bride looks 20 years younger without the photo enhancement.


Ophelia_Y2K t1_ja9iozh wrote

somehow they all look like they don’t have teeth


SallyAmazeballs t1_ja9gpfe wrote

The clothes and hair on the women are a lot closer to 1940 than they are 1927. 1927 is still bobbed hair and dropped waist dresses. The woman in the "blue" dress to the left has sleeves that are more typical for the end of the 1930s, and all the women's hair has the height and shape for that period too.


annieasylum t1_jaaz5x3 wrote

Yeah there is no way this is 1927. I wear and make a lot of reproduction vintage from between 1940-1960 so I'm fairly good at aging photos based on clothing. This is definitely 1940s attire and hair.


SallyAmazeballs t1_jab0oem wrote

I would put it early '40s rather than late '40s, but it's definitely not 1927. Nothing is really quite tailored enough to hit those postwar silhouettes.


ivanadie t1_ja935gd wrote

Crazy that the children are the least amused!


clce t1_ja9bg6s wrote

Well they are the closest to it and probably intimidated by a big animal, but then again, look at the kid just to the left of the pig. He's literally rtfl.


iztrollkanger t1_ja8vex6 wrote

Then there's that one guy in the back....yeesh..


ruka_k_wiremu t1_ja92udx wrote

The undertaker, by profession... "Uncle Ted, you don't mind standing here, do you?"


BurntRussianBBQ t1_ja97za8 wrote

Probably smirking bc he's standing on bricks and taller than everyone in the picture. I did the same thing in my little brothers wedding photos as he's nearly 7 feet tall.


allbright1111 t1_ja7p7fd wrote

That’s sure a fun way to capture genuine smiles out of just about everyone!


FestiveSquid t1_ja81ccc wrote

I hate getting my picture taken and being told to smile. I can't force that. I've just started giving thumbs up instead to say "Although my face doesn't say it, I'm content with the situation."


Eudaemon1 t1_ja821gu wrote

>I can't force that

Same for me . It makes me feel so weird and unnatural in my pictures


Slcttt t1_ja8d2cs wrote

Instead of smiling just act like you’re subtlety laughing.


Art-bat t1_ja8ok9k wrote

For photo smiles, I have to think of something that actually delights me, or at least makes me involuntarily smile because it’s so inappropriate.

The things I’m thinking when photographed smiling are usually not anything that someone might expect from that situation.


vloger t1_ja9g8sv wrote

lmaooooooo. i need a button i can press that says that every time i get a gift too


run6nin t1_ja9jidn wrote

I'll cringe for you until you're ready to take over


middlebird t1_ja9mgru wrote

A good photographer gets genuine smiles out of the subjects.


Astro-Pal t1_ja7glme wrote

He’s hogging up the frame.


Late_Again68 t1_ja7plil wrote

Everybody liked that. Not a dour face to be seen.


dagobahh t1_ja8xany wrote

Look closer. Older, thinner bald guy above the girl in white. Must be his pig.


Ricksanchezforlife t1_ja95q9a wrote

I came here to say this. I was scouring this pic for that one angry Karen that "that pig" just ruined their family pig. And it turns out it was a vintage Chad. LMAO


YutaniCasper t1_ja99956 wrote

Little girl to the left of the bride is just mad she has to wear the dress


15367288 t1_ja9pl7m wrote

The comments here are disgusting. Yes, the bride is heavyset, but unnecessary to call her a pig.


Akahcakalakuh t1_ja7pcfr wrote

How many jokes were told in the vein of “I told you not to invite your sister”


gazongagizmo t1_ja97900 wrote

i was gonna joke:

Groom to the photographer: Can you make me a copy of one without the pig?

Photographer: I, uh... don't think I shot one without your mother-in-law..?


WolflordBrimley t1_ja81y0k wrote

This is a fantastic picture. Genuine smiles and laughter all around.


pyuunpls t1_ja7zrvj wrote

How come people who are like 18-25 in past time periods look old AF?


fluffy_doughnut t1_ja8fvr5 wrote

We associate their fashion, hairstyles and makeup with old people. If you dressed them in modern clothes and gave more modern hairstyles, they would look just like us.


LimeMime565 t1_ja88j1q wrote

Stress, malnutrition, lack of knowledge on things like skincare or aging. Lack of medical technology


redbradbury t1_ja80t8h wrote



francoruinedbukowski t1_ja97aa2 wrote

Way less processed foods especially with sugar and flower then, meat was fresh from the butcher or butcher deparment at the A&P style grocery stores of the time, according to the census in 1940 18% more Americans grew their own vegetables and raised their own chickens etc...number went up considerably in early 40's when rationing started and millions grew their own WW2 Victory Gardens.


GatorZen t1_ja8jn5k wrote

I’m not sure I’ve seen a more lovely, heartwarming photo. Wonderful.


officialscuttlebutt t1_ja8un1x wrote

Everyone in this photo looks the exact same. You can definitely tell they're related.


ashleysquared t1_ja8v1fi wrote

I love all of the happy in this photo!


missionbeach t1_ja8kvr4 wrote

"Who let the pig in?"

"He wandered in from the barn."

"I was talking about the groom."


needathrowaway321 t1_jaa6j2i wrote

It's so weird that every single person in this picture is dead now except MAYBE some of the children. Humans have only had photos and videos for a few generations now. Imagine what it's going to be like hundreds of years from now, when kids can find high resolution videos and pictures of every single one of their ancestors ten generations back.

Our ancestors are mysterious to us. Our progeny will know everything about us.


EnvironmentalDeal256 t1_jaaak05 wrote

Not sure how they’re gonna feel about great great great grandma’s only fans photos.


doodler1977 t1_ja7xa9w wrote

is he with the Bride or the Groom?


lucymx16 t1_ja82das wrote

That’s no pig. That’s a hog.


Buipeterafte t1_ja8y7uu wrote

Every face has a real smile on it! And the colouring looks fantastic as well! 😉


CouchHam t1_ja9s68j wrote

Why is everyone either elderly or 5?


robjapan t1_ja817mw wrote

Surely the kids from this are still alive? Be interesting to hear more!


EtOHMartini t1_ja8lnxd wrote

It is possible but not likely those kids are still alive.

Some assumptions: it is actually from the 1940's. The youngest kids are 5 and the oldest kids are 10.

If the picture was taken in 1940, the oldest kids would be 93 and the youngest kids would be 88. If it was taken in 1949, the oldest would be 84 the youngest 79.

Life expectancy of a white American born in 1930 was 59.7 for boys and 63.5 for girls. Fast forward to 1940 and it jumps to 62.1/66.6 years.


annieasylum t1_jaazg8f wrote

Dunno why you're being downvoted, this is all correct. There is absolutely no way this photo is from 1927, those dress silhouettes and hairstyles just did not exist yet.


Hesam2010 t1_ja81yno wrote

Lars von Trier movie Vibes.


EtOHMartini t1_ja8k9ic wrote

"Excuse us folks, dinner will be delayed. It is posing for pictures at the moment"


Soviet_Ski t1_ja8upfb wrote

Old photo with loads of people smiling at unplanned animal? Humans really have been the same for all of time huh?


Old_Army90 t1_ja8xycm wrote

Not to steer too off topic, but I’m really curious: there are a lot of women beside the bride wearing white here. Was that not considered rude back then? If not, when did it become so?


turdferguson3891 t1_ja9bdj3 wrote

It's a colorized photo, they probably weren't wearing white but rather a light color.


Raznill t1_jaac3ju wrote

There was a time when it was normal though. I’m not sure the time period however.


zeshoot t1_ja9g8ts wrote

Kinda tasty photo with bacon upfront...


stupled t1_jabwtcx wrote

Could be worse. Could be a real bomb.


superkoning t1_ja8g26f wrote

On its way to the wedding dinner?


snarcasm68 t1_ja8hiak wrote

Funny how most people dressed in black for a wedding.


Tardigradequeen t1_ja8msz1 wrote

That little boy who tipped over from laughing so hard is adorable!


enjambd t1_ja8p45n wrote

That's no pig, that's Kitchener Leslie's girlfriend!


utecr t1_ja8vt0j wrote

I vote that pig be named and adopted into the family for good fortune.


Linthal t1_ja8xij7 wrote

The Empress of Blandings!


Blastoplast t1_ja8zxp5 wrote

Who’s gonna feed them hogs?!


TheUglyCasanova t1_ja90hkf wrote

It's quite weird that the ONLY one not smiling is the baby at the center..

Also is it just me or does that grumpy baby have a white moustache?


tmccrn t1_ja95bcg wrote

That has got to be auspicious


hardikshitbrix t1_ja95qtv wrote

That's the Empress of Blandings, she's not photo bombing, she's the subject!


bestboykev t1_ja96fgo wrote

That’s some pig alright.


ThamusWitwill t1_ja96x5n wrote

The kid just above the pig's ass is not amused.


MovingFjordward t1_ja99y7v wrote

I know I'm a big lad but you don't have to call me a pig.


clce t1_ja9bj8u wrote

If your wife is the one laughing the loudest, I think that's a very good sign for your marriage.


sajwaj t1_ja9bnm0 wrote

Tall guy in front of short guy top row behind bouquet. My OCD wants to fix that. Badly


Both_Lychee_1708 t1_ja9dpif wrote

yeah, the bride looks a bit heavy but that's mean


Landithy t1_ja9ho9w wrote

I wish a pig had photobombed my wedding.


YggdrasilsLeaf t1_ja9irbp wrote

This is not a photo bomb.

This is a financial record regarding what was served for dinner that night.


Smooth_Creme7103 t1_ja9ls8i wrote

I just hope the owner didn't forget to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain and sing while she drank so she could get strong, too.


dys_p0tch t1_ja9lyig wrote

this is why you don't bring a date to a wedding.

check out ALL OF THOSE young babes just looking for a hunk like you


The_Maker18 t1_ja9qaeq wrote

I wanted to say the pig was definitely going to be dinner at one point but looking at the faces and that pretty much everyone is showing some amount of joy the pig is safe and probably loved


Busman123 t1_ja9sazs wrote

Nice! I wonder if the pig is the family pet?


debsmooth2020 t1_ja9t457 wrote

There’s always been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm!


ASilver76 t1_ja9uijs wrote

That wasn't a photobomb. That was merely a guest.


Past_Contour t1_ja9xg9i wrote

Pig made it better. Good pig.


xAbzzx t1_ja9ymjz wrote

The picture is amazing


BiteyMax22 t1_ja9yp28 wrote

You see a pig photo bombing a wedding

I see a group of people ruining a great shot of an awesome pig

We are not the same


Demonic_Toaster t1_jaa0hsz wrote

The wedding party, and the receptions meal.


CeramicCastle49 t1_jaa2fec wrote

This is the most 1940s type bullshit ever


geo_gan t1_jaa2u6k wrote

Instead of just being someone’s breakfast in 1940s he immortalised himself forever - clever pig


Howboutit85 t1_jaa3s57 wrote

Everyone in this photo looks 68 years old


420rabidBMW t1_jaa64xr wrote

Someone was afraid of color huh


PatientEmployment945 t1_jaa6bg0 wrote

This is a really great picture. Everyone is so happy and amused by this pig. Life’s delight


concorde77 t1_jaa86xv wrote

"Ok, who invited my ex?!"


SerinaL t1_jaadcrj wrote

Jesus, how big is that family?


bska02_Gears t1_jaafcct wrote

News flash: They ate the pig.


johnnydorko t1_jaag1f6 wrote

They’re laughing cause they know how good he’ll taste tomorrow


cre8majik t1_jaag4wa wrote

Why are they all wearing black? Looks more like a strange funeral.


jolie_rouge t1_jaagytb wrote

This would be such a cool family photo to have!


Tenn_Tux t1_jaahyb0 wrote

“What’s everybody lookin’ at? I’m walkin’ here!”


franks-and-beans t1_jaal6f2 wrote

That's a mighty big assumption! I happen to have it on good authority that this is the best man!


jazzyfella08 t1_jab0lnc wrote

David lynch is in this photo…


stevemtzn t1_jab2d9d wrote

Family. It's always a good time


DMyourSSN t1_jab50g2 wrote

I’ve been looking at r/MidJourney posts, and my first thought was that this was AI generated.

So much better that is actually real. (Checks hands): yep, this is real


limabean72 t1_jab6556 wrote

Why does everyone in this look 80?


whatsbobgonnado t1_jabglkm wrote

*me an average oldschoolcool commenter*

everyone in this picture is sexy as hell


TopMud7031 t1_jabr3rw wrote

Aah, So this is where the infamous pig that Tom Tom the piper's son stole and took for a run ended up. About time it showed up. LOVE PEACE WINNING. .


hetkleinezusje t1_jac2wzb wrote

That's gold! What a wonderful photo and memory.


BridgesOnB1kes t1_jadjkyj wrote

How come everyone looks like, either a child, or an 80 yr old?


GoddessVaughn t1_jaekgud wrote

I literally, came to the comments just to see if anyone else noticed that! I scanned the picture and thought; "Everyone likes like they're the SAME Damn age!" LoL


conjectureandhearsay t1_ja7v49q wrote

I thought for sure you were going to go for for a ripe mother-in-law joke.

Wedding invite should have said: “No fat chicks”


Seahawk124 t1_ja8gkbr wrote

Flipping mother-in-law hogging up the frame!


VGK9Logan t1_ja9hq4e wrote

OPs mom circa 1940


averytolar t1_ja8a2ie wrote

Whos that lady in the white dress behind the bride?


thugdout t1_ja7pa08 wrote

The bride looks like she’s 50. What an odd wedding.