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JackTrippin t1_ja09vz3 wrote

Is there a hotter Madonna than Like A Prayer era Madonna?


Coupon_Ninja t1_ja0xty9 wrote

I’m more of a fan of Deasperatly Seeking Susan era Madonna, but that’s a good ear too. She was still a little mysterious at the time. So seeing her in a “comedy” was… interesting.


[deleted] t1_ja107qj wrote



stevemillions t1_ja2kt76 wrote

"Wow, that caused some controversy. At least I've got Alien 3 coming up. That'll be much plainer sailing, I'm sure."

David Fincher.


stop_making_sense t1_ja31xcy wrote

I was about to correct you and say that Mary Lambert directed Like a Prayer, but I realized that you were referring to Vogue.


fiendishrabbit t1_ja26mcd wrote

I'm personally not a huge fan of the Like A Prayer era Madonna.

Personal favorites would be either the Madonna of Who's that girl world tour (Who's that girl, True Blue) for young Madonna, or Madonna around the 2000s. The 2000s had some...questionable moments... but Madonna in her Frozen music video is a total goth smokeshow.


splifingate t1_ja14id2 wrote

cough Part of me says "No!"

'Beautiful Stranger' tickled my other part.


WTF1972 t1_ja20szb wrote

Same era but she was hot as hell in the cherish video with the murmen.


TonyWhoop t1_ja1nek4 wrote

Oh man, so I'm man of '81 vintage and it was '89 and I saw this for the first time on some hot sweaty cable television at my babysitter's house