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myleftone t1_ja7jsiv wrote

Her bass playing is legendary not just because they’re pretty exacting and intricate, but they had full choreography at the same time.


misterspokes t1_ja7nwkc wrote

The band Talking Heads formed up in Providence, RI between a group of Visual Arts students going to the Rhode Island School Of Design. Choreography and costumes and set design is a big piece of the performance.

Weymouth picked up bass to fill a space, the bassist they had recruited dropped out. This is why the bass lines in '77 are a little less complex than going forward, she's moving from guitar to bass and still learning the instrument.


MaxSupernova t1_ja7ysv4 wrote

And unique, style-wise.

I love watching her switch from using her thumb to using fingers in mid-bar.

She tends to play the lower strings with her thumb and the higher ones with fingers but that’s not always the case. It’s so fun to watch.