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LADSLADSLADS2022 t1_ja56tcd wrote

Could you imagine just having this photo in your house of you and basically a canonized American saint?


FrogGladiators178972 t1_ja659ke wrote

He is in fact close to that rank being a reverend, of course I’m not sure how actually close it is but it is a high rank in a church so hey if I’m wrong downvote me to hell.


ahumanp3rson t1_ja6k4r2 wrote

Thich Nhat Hanh said that he is a Bodhisattva, which is one of the highest versions of a Saint in Buddhism.


SunshineAlways t1_ja6ckaf wrote

I don’t know if you’re aware, but that last r word you used is outdated and considered derogatory, even if you are mocking yourself.


Blissful_Relief t1_ja6vzn5 wrote

You are correct it should have been intellectually challenged. Or having a deficiency in smarts. Might be OK as well. But as with anything it can change at any time without notice. LLC /s


gtasaints t1_ja72tsb wrote

I didn’t know that the CIA and FBI assassinate American saints.


BreadCaravan t1_ja7hp77 wrote

I think that’s exclusively who they assassinate


Smaranzky t1_ja7lxt0 wrote

Nah give them credit, they also assassinate Latin American and African liberators.


[deleted] t1_ja5dcm5 wrote



LADSLADSLADS2022 t1_ja5df7d wrote

Don’t be daft!


Ghostlucho29 t1_ja5wqi3 wrote

Don’t know what the comment was about, so I’m shooting in the dark here. But… You are too kind to such evil. The world needs what you just gave by only using “daft” here.

Be well, kind stranger


Automatic_Flight_659 t1_ja5524o wrote

Pretty cool. How did they know Dr. King and family?


yttikat OP t1_ja58zdt wrote

Through her church! I don’t know the specifics


Ghostlucho29 t1_ja5wua0 wrote

Do you know what the brother in plaid ended up doing with his life?


yttikat OP t1_ja5x9nb wrote

Haha! He is a retired police officer.


Ghostlucho29 t1_ja5z361 wrote

Cool, thanks. His look and eyes say something


yttikat OP t1_ja5zq34 wrote

What do they say to you?


Dadfite t1_ja6035f wrote

Idk they definitely say, "I see those after service donuts over there."

Totally a retired cop!


_Kit_Tyler_ t1_ja66bej wrote

“Stop resisting.”


Ghostlucho29 t1_ja7ivtq wrote

I think he recognized the moment. Kids usually don’t care at all


Thprop t1_jaa83fo wrote

"I'm the 'serious' middle child".


SuckAfreeRaj t1_ja5qtph wrote

My mother watched an MLK sermon In Bessemer, AL around 1963-ish, she was 8 at the time. No pictures :(


tupe12 t1_ja4o31z wrote

One of the brothers seems a bit older then the rest


yttikat OP t1_ja4r5lt wrote

My mother in law is the oldest


JustMeLurkingAround- t1_ja4rw9b wrote

He means the one in the middle who sticks out a little bit ...

Your title is a bit misleading ;)


yttikat OP t1_ja4sbdb wrote

Hahahahaha flew right over my head


dwitchagi t1_ja75bbi wrote

I was going to point out that one of them doesn’t look like a brother and that is when I realized my mistake.


ReflexImprov t1_ja5oij4 wrote



Euphoric-Carry1725 t1_ja5vgpt wrote

I love how Coretta is absolutely beaming with love for her man.


DaddysLittleSucia t1_ja7m7df wrote

This!! Ms. Coretta, radiates love and joy. She was the best and also left a powerful legacy.


Reallynoreallyno t1_ja4lqwn wrote

I wonder how this encounter would shape you as a white child during these pivotal moments in history… I hope they understand how lucky they were and cherish this memory.


yttikat OP t1_ja4r2b0 wrote

They are very kind and open minded people. I love my in laws (I’m Asian)


IranRPCV t1_ja5v3ha wrote

What a fantastic story to share! Thank you.


OracleCam t1_ja5llt9 wrote

I like how the brother on the left is taking this very seriously, like he knows the gravity of whom he is meeting.


live4lax25 t1_ja4luse wrote

It’s gotta be nice knowing your granparents definitely weren’t racist. This is some fuckin bonafides haha


yttikat OP t1_ja4qzrh wrote

This is my mother in law. I am Asian and grew up in a very racially diverse and tense area of Boston & they have really changed my opinion of white families. They are so kind. Also my husbands siblings all married minorities. They are super inclusive !


gpkgpk t1_ja6wxwd wrote

Hey thanks for not judging all white folks based on Bostonians! Bostonites? JK...


Playful-Excuse-8081 t1_ja5jlow wrote

The world could really use another great leader like this man about now


names_are_useless t1_ja69cql wrote

Considering MLK's Anti-Capitalist views: if he were still alive today and held the same views as he did: he'd be blasted as a Radical Socialist (that much I suppose is true) and Far Leftist (he didn't like either poliitical parties) by the Media.

People either forget or don't know: MLK was NOT popular in his day. I remember one poll showing only about 25% of the entire country thinking positively of him when he was still alive. Newspapers would blame him for Black Riots (he'd be treated like BLM is today, maybe worse).

It wasn't until the Reagan Administration when MLK Day was conceptualized and his message and persona has been white-washed and relegated to one famous line from his "I Have a Dream Speech":

> I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

You don't see nearly as many people using these later quotes of his:

> Whenever the issue of compensatory treatment for the Negro is raised, some of our friends recoil in horror. The Negro should be granted equality, they agree; but he should ask nothing more. On the surface, this appears reasonable, but it is not realistic. > > A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro.

Probably less than 50% of America wants the actual MLK back. A majority of the population only want the "Let's just say we're equal now and not stir anymore pots" white-washed MLK that is actually celebrated.


ReflexImprov t1_ja7q54j wrote

Most of the far right claims to be 'christian', but would be horrified by the actual Jesus' views, even though they are right there in the very Bible they claim to read.


KnightsOfREM t1_ja5wmpu wrote

Agree, but I'm not sure we'd know it if they were out there.


HamUnitedFC t1_ja64b08 wrote

That’s the thing with ppl of Dr. Kings magnitude.. you know


the_scarlett_ning t1_ja6nrv7 wrote

I’d bet my life’s blood they’re out there. But we won’t let them speak because if they’re willing to speak the truth it will certainly offend someone and then everyone would get up in arms and cancel them.


TurrPhennirPhan t1_ja94ozv wrote

It’s important to remember that our memory of him and his struggle has been sanitized. His ideas were more radical than textbooks often state, and he faced the same smear campaigns and demonization activists today face, only without the magnitude of social media and 24 hour cable news.

The next MLK may be among us already, but Fox News has drilled it into the heads of almost half of America that they’re an Antifa communist BLM supporter who hates and wants to eradicate white people.


UncleCornPone t1_ja5g87h wrote

The woman on the left looking fly as fuck


quietoneintheback t1_ja5qiaz wrote

Looks like Dr. King's wife Coretta, and yeah I also did a double take at first when I saw the outfit lol


MGaber t1_ja5plze wrote

My first thought was time traveler, but logic outweighs my optimism


OneHallThatsAll t1_ja71bpw wrote

I thought she was wearing a flat bil hat, shorts, t shirt, and necklace lol


Ras1372 t1_ja5f4dv wrote

That one brother is adopted isn't he?


LanceFree t1_ja7jfef wrote

He seems much older than the others, perhaps he’s a step-brother, half brother. Regardless, he certainly is one of the brothers.


Ratleyaroo t1_ja76v4r wrote

Your MIL looks the spitting image of Martin Luther King…


bobalou2you t1_ja4x38y wrote

None of the somewhat limited progress could have occurred had it not been for white folks being much better than many would have you believe. That said there is still a long path ahead. Though, I believe the path ahead is much shorter than the one already traveled.


yttikat OP t1_ja5q8ac wrote

I grew up with a lot of racial tension & never thought in a million years I’d marry a white guy, I have had very poor experiences with white ppl as a kid and when I met his family it totally changed my POV. Not everybody is a racist POS and many care about changing the narrative.


billydoubleu t1_ja5bdgk wrote

I don't remember The Beaver having a sister, only Wally his older brother


yttikat OP t1_ja5bp1x wrote

I was referring to my mother in law and her brothers meeting MLK


billydoubleu t1_ja5c2d3 wrote

The boy on the left looks like The Beaver from the television show Leave it to Beaver from the '50s and '60s


yttikat OP t1_ja5d71w wrote

Ohhh hahaha I thought MLK had a nickname I didn’t know about! Never saw leave it to beaver!


Wish-I_WarSocks t1_ja5md4q wrote

Call me Copernicus, cause I’ve noticed you answered seriously towards two different comments, that, to a thirty-somethin’ year old, were obvious one-liner references of those times; you thinkin’ MLKjr might have had a secret alias as The Beaver, has had me in stitches for minutes.


yttikat OP t1_ja5ndfe wrote

I was caught up in the fact that people didn’t know what MIL meant and totally missed the jokes. When I realized, I too had to laugh at how ridiculous it was and how fucking awesome it could’ve been if he was in fact The Beaver (I dunno maybe like an earlier version of The Goat?). I’m going to just crawl under a rug now.


Thprop t1_ja6cobg wrote

That little fella seems to know the nature of such a meeting.


Gnarfledarf t1_ja5lbvw wrote

Your MIL:



Icommentor t1_ja6vci4 wrote

I don’t think she can call him that.

Oh wait. Nvm


Zealousideal-View142 t1_ja5z0j7 wrote

NO WAYYYYYYYY. That’s a lifetime piece. He and Richard Nixon are the 2 people I want to meet the most if I can go back in time.


callalind t1_ja67coh wrote

This is kinda of amazing.


Collector_2012 t1_ja5fxnl wrote

Holy crap.... Please tell me this photo is properly preserved?


yttikat OP t1_ja5pnum wrote

It’s in a frame, I think I will look into preserving it as a present!


Collector_2012 t1_ja5rdn9 wrote

Okay, so I am not sure you are grasping what I am saying. You have a piece of literal history right there. No matter how big or how small, a picture can speak more words than anyone or anything else can. So I highly suggest you really look into preserving that photo.


yttikat OP t1_ja5rk2h wrote

It’s also not mine, so preserving it would require taking it from my mother in law. Permission might not be granted.


AonArts t1_ja5xr6o wrote

Dude’s Mother in Law got that honorary cookout pass.

Respect ✊🏾


MrMitchWeaver t1_ja5parr wrote

You left out an important detail in your title...


yttikat OP t1_ja5pq50 wrote

I figured he didn’t need an introduction


MrMitchWeaver t1_ja5rraw wrote

No I was referring to the fact that the youngest kid is obviously inebriated


Fancycat88 t1_ja652xc wrote

This is some old school cool


Goodgoditsgrowing t1_ja6t82j wrote

Took me way too long to realize you weren’t intending to say your MIL was related to mlk jr


Luvoldcrap t1_ja5zpc7 wrote

The boy on the left definitely got in trouble more than just a few times due to his Tom foolery and hijinks.


yttikat OP t1_ja60cw3 wrote

Funny thing is he became a police officer and is a man of the lar.


Thprop t1_ja6cxco wrote

Oh, the weisenheimers are out, I see.


facedthemusic t1_ja6oscg wrote

Just got home from Memphis, if you haven't been and have a chance, you need to go to the Civil Rights Museum there. 100% worth it. Just being near the Lorraine Motel was powerful and moving.


Blissful_Relief t1_ja6v2fo wrote

That oldest one just looks like a dreamer to me.


tooogsh_tak t1_ja70qte wrote

Didn't know the diaz bros were that old.


doyletyree t1_ja7f70t wrote

That tallest brother looks familiar…


yellowbrownstone t1_ja7i9z9 wrote

That little guy was awesome in the Haunting of Bly Manor


dafyddil t1_ja84ci4 wrote

Just watched King in the Wilderness. Recommend!


Pepsi-Min t1_ja71z3e wrote

That's not your mother in law, that's MLK!


Withnail_nd_Icecream t1_ja7cs7j wrote

This is a season 6 subplot for Sally Draper and her brothers if Mad Men had been on ABC instead of AMC.


jsilva5avilsj t1_ja7nefr wrote

lolololkl boy was i surprised when i opened this up ..


jsilva5avilsj t1_ja7nhcn wrote

leave it to beaver with a Dennis The Menace smirk


loztriforce t1_ja7owcx wrote

That’s so awesome, I love Wesley Snipes


Acceptable-Cod7214 t1_ja8em7o wrote

Great photo. Dr. King seems to have adored children: they appear so frequently in his writings.


uohhhhhhh t1_ja8ls8h wrote

The kid on the left has 60s rizz


Gojisoji t1_ja8sy19 wrote

Even looks like back then they did hover hands lol.


GodfatherLanez t1_ja8t4ei wrote

>My MIL & her brothers, 1960s.

Talk about burying the lede.


simbadv t1_ja8txcj wrote

Coretta was so fine


yttikat OP t1_ja90o8p wrote

Whitney Houston looks like her in this pic


iExodus1744 t1_ja8z5aa wrote

My boy on the left said ‘I’m invited to the cookout 😏’


anuragism t1_ja970vd wrote

Martha Lucr king junior he died for our sins.


PsychologicalLeg9302 t1_jaabj42 wrote

What a great photo! My mom was Mrs King’s secretary and my dad worked with Dr King at SCLC!


ClockOk8417 t1_jabgx0y wrote

Your MIL's brother on the left looks like Jack Nicholson if he were young


Blaximus90 t1_ja6shvt wrote

Boy on left is kinda chad


Zaisuu t1_ja75769 wrote

Pugsley is that you?


Sea-salt_ice_cream t1_ja76t31 wrote

The kid on the left reminds me of young Alan in Jumamji.


bangersnmash13 t1_ja7gep8 wrote

I think this is the only picture I’ve seen of MLK smiling.


FruitFlavor12 t1_ja76k29 wrote

MIL? I thought the initials were MLK


wiskinator t1_ja5w2oh wrote

Kid on the far left looks like a time traveler from 1990 with a jersey, ball cap and pooka shell necklace


mykl5 t1_ja6or03 wrote

Kid? That’s an adult woman


Ghostlucho29 t1_ja5x4pp wrote


I cannot unsee it. I’m sorry everyone


Legal-You-6307 t1_ja6hsf8 wrote

Your MIL was one heluva black civil rights leader


partylange t1_ja68irz wrote

Does anyone else think this looks fake?


yttikat OP t1_ja69o8y wrote

This is very real


partylange t1_ja6a006 wrote

I'll take your word for it, just looks strange to me. Maybe its the reflection of someone taking the picture of the picture, the lighting looks uneven.


yttikat OP t1_ja6aa2u wrote

Yes that’s my reflection from taking the picture, you can see my hand and head silhouette


mypod49 t1_ja6fip3 wrote

I think it’s actually spelled MLK.


SuchhAaWasteeOfTimee t1_ja6ks9q wrote

I’m not American , but I thought mlk was around n popular in the 90s???


TrueStorey1776 t1_ja6j7y0 wrote

Was this before or after he slept with their mother?


MurderDoneRight t1_ja59fjq wrote

It's MLK, not MIL. Nice picture though.


yttikat OP t1_ja59jsx wrote

I was under the impression people understood MIL meant mother in law. I wish I could edit the title


USMNT_superfan t1_ja4zstq wrote

Because he is black he is a “brother”?


yttikat OP t1_ja58g0x wrote

I mean she’s related to the other kids because they are her brothers