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ruralcleatus t1_j7gonmn wrote

Al Burtoni right? I worked at Ferrari Los Gatos and he would come in to buy parts occasionally.


JBBurtoni2 OP t1_j7gov4q wrote

Yep! That’s him. I’ve been to FLG loads of times, I wonder if we ever met?


ruralcleatus t1_j7grv1i wrote

My name is Brian and I worked there from 1999 to 2001. I initially was a service writer then went to be parts manager.


JBBurtoni2 OP t1_j7gst73 wrote

At that time I was an 11ish years old - so if you ever remember a kid tagging along with him or his wife Henia, definitely me haha


ruralcleatus t1_j7h3loz wrote

I don't think I ever met you or Henia. Didn't Ted Taormina work for your dad for a bit?


JBBurtoni2 OP t1_j7h8ix4 wrote

Yep, Ted worked with my grandfather on and off for 20ish years. Great family friend.