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epcot_1982 t1_ja7rg00 wrote

The collar on that shirt is INSANE


Sictouch21 t1_ja714jn wrote

This picture couldn’t be more 1950s if it tried.



notbob1959 t1_ja77nfd wrote


dougnan t1_ja7byyb wrote

give me a "ray gun" today and I will still have a fantastic day at 53!


conspicuousconundrum t1_ja79bjx wrote

Had the one that had sparks in the barrel when you pulled the trigger.


numsixof1 t1_ja7sj7i wrote

You'll zap your eye out kid.


xf2xf t1_ja7cf7q wrote

Cue The Ink Spots - Maybe


NomDeHomme t1_ja7sj4k wrote

Thanks for giving me flashbacks to Flash Gordon. Haven't thought about that show in ages


nagasy t1_ja7a41k wrote

It somehow reminds me of the jetsons.

More specific Elroy Jetson with his ray stunner


GaymerGurl77 t1_ja7czzf wrote

Was there a downed alien spacecraft nearby where he found it?


Elses_pels t1_ja72924 wrote

A ray gun still makes a great day today!


mickymazda t1_ja79nnq wrote

And a smart haircut.


jharrisimages t1_ja7apcc wrote

Painted in high-quality, long-lasting lead paint!

Powered by completely safe and family-friendly nuclear energy!

The BLAMMCO! Lazer Ray Pistol!

The weapon of the 90’s!


literallylukas t1_ja7kmov wrote

I've seen this episode of The Simpsons


AaronicNation t1_ja7t50p wrote

And then in the 80s it was a Reagan.


spiderborland t1_ja83tv4 wrote

TBF that’s a sweet ray gun and it would make my day here now on February 27, 2023


LovelockMike t1_ja84v4w wrote

I was born in 1949 and I had a gun sort of like that, but it was more black and red, as I recall.


bestboykev t1_jaanu0f wrote

Your guns go pew pew my guns go pow pow.


old_at_heart t1_jaas3qa wrote

Well, what the hell are you going to do if the Martians suck you in to their underground tunnels? The last thing you want is to be ray gun less.


cinred t1_jab2592 wrote

Ok 5 year old Jim Gaffigan


ramriot t1_ja75fyd wrote

Same today, I'm still waiting though.


curlicue t1_ja7h7uh wrote

Looks like a young Brian Doyle-Murray.


SirGlenn t1_ja9zbvn wrote

Little Ronald Rayguns?


alrighty66 t1_ja77n2f wrote

Not safe for kids now. But I had a hell of a lot of fun with it.


[deleted] t1_ja83q4b wrote



Not2daydear t1_ja9nsrv wrote

I believe you are grasping at straws


[deleted] t1_ja9rhak wrote



Not2daydear t1_ja9s3h9 wrote

So is delusion. These ray guns were made because of sci-fi movies in the 40s and 50s. You didn’t have to make a ray gun to make kids like guns because you could very easily own a BB gun and many kids that age during that time. also had shotguns. This piddly ass little plastic toy ray gun designed after a sci-fi movie is just that. You are either too young to know what it was all about or too ignorant to figure it out.


[deleted] t1_ja9ysb8 wrote



Not2daydear t1_jaa0gqt wrote

Dude I grew up in the 50s I don’t have to go back and look at anything I was there. Funny, my brother and I both had shotguns and we both had BB guns. Do you wanna know another funny thing? We didn’t shoot anybody. We didn’t aim at anything except the intended targets. Schools and shoot up people. We didn’t go into banks and rob them. we didn’t hold them up to peoples heads and steal their car. We didn’t get our asses bent out of shape when people corrected us and run home and get our guns and put a bullet through their head. Do you wanna know why we didn’t do any of that? Because we weren’t dumb shits, who didn’t have any control over ourselves and understood the consequences of that type of behavior. Just because there are so many mentally ill, mentally unstable, full-time, asshole thugs, who want to be glorified by using a gun, the way it is not meant to be used Does not mean that the rest of us don’t know how to use them correctly.