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Saleybale t1_jdtmwr1 wrote

That's cowboy M. J from Laredo.


irvo86 t1_jdtqlo8 wrote

They said I couldn’t be a cowboy, and I took that personally


SbMSU t1_jdv1bn0 wrote

Thank you for this comment.


Demmetros t1_jdtsh74 wrote

"The sheriff's a Ni.....!" "What's that?" "THE SHERIFF'S A NI...!" "What he say?" "The Sheriff's is near!"


Greenmtn82 t1_jdtqe00 wrote

Yessir, Michael Jordan could shoot.


will_ww t1_jdu24yf wrote

That's Lil Nas A.


notbob1959 t1_jdu2kp4 wrote

The Smithsonian has this and says it is a real photo postcard.

Unfortunately there isn't any identifying information there. However, the entry at Wikipedia for real photo postcards indicates that Federal legislation didn't permit messages on the back of a postcard until 1907. Also, a Smithsonian article on postcards says this about the legislation:

>These changes to the backs of postcards ushered in the Divided Back Period, which spans from 1907 until 1915. The Divided Back Period is also known as the “Golden Age of Postcards,” due to the vast popularity of postcards during this time period.

This postcard has a message area on the back so I think the date is probably closer to 1910 than 1900.

From a Smithsonian Magazine article on black cowboys:

>The cattle drives ended by the turn of the century. Railroads became a more prominent mode of transportation in the West, barbed wire was invented, and Native Americans were relegated to reservations, all of which decreased the need for cowboys on ranches. This left many cowboys, particularly African-Americans who could not easily purchase land, in a time of rough transition.

Given the date of the photo the man might not have been a real cowboy but instead a man in a cowboy costume. For reference here is a post of a known black cowboy.


madumi-mike t1_jdv06iz wrote

Gotta be honest, until I read this, and saw the pic was unknown and dude didn't have a gun, I was skeptical it might be another AI fake. That and this "cowboy" looks too clean, your pic clarified that.


kolandiz t1_jdtstrg wrote

That's Cowboy Air Jordan


SmokedHamm t1_jdufgvc wrote



MineNo5611 t1_jdxw4pl wrote

I’m totally being pedantic but Django is a bounty hunter, not a cowboy. As a matter of fact, most Hollywood “cowboys” (including Clint Eastwood and Franco Nero, the original Django) aren’t actually cowboys. Actual historical cowboys, as the name suggests, were just cattle herders, who might have occasionally gotten into gunfights over land disputes or cattle thieves. Yellowstone and it’s spin offs are some of the few “cowboy” series that’s actually about cowboys.


azad_ninja t1_jduvy6g wrote

Specializes in Bulls from Chicago only.


Mark7A t1_jdtp4l0 wrote

Fairly sure that's Bobby Murphy. Grandfather to Eddie Murphy.


risenomega t1_jdu90zi wrote

Que Kool Mo Dee - WILD WILD WESSS….


HalfFastTanker t1_jdur7qh wrote

Is it twue what they say about how you people are ....... gifted?


Midlifetoker t1_jdtz3o9 wrote

Did he take his horse to the old town road?? Cause that's where he got that vest.


Shipwrecklou t1_jduy1tl wrote

That’s a young Trick Daddy in western gear


tk_79 t1_jdv3w03 wrote

Lil Nas IV


WillKillz t1_jdw3eid wrote

bro this from Great America


Joseluki t1_jdwxq4w wrote

That is my boy Michaelus Hershel Jordian.


Ryokan76 t1_jdv83px wrote

And if this guy was cast as a cowboy in a western today, people would cry about woke.


dubiousadvocate t1_jdw4mzx wrote

Fun fact, but for decades most cowboys across the Americas were blacks or Latinos. Both were often slaves. It was very hard work with very poor conditions, and only the poorest and most desperate whites were willing to do it. Hollywood westerns not surprisingly are mostly mythological and play into the myth of the Independent Self-sufficient White Man single-handedly defending his family from non whites and evil government.