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mccannr1 t1_jdt2qne wrote

She wasn't "struggling" in 1983. She had several singles charting at that point.

Holiday, Borderline & Lucky Star were all pretty big songs in spring/summer of 1983.


LeastChartLost t1_jdt77s5 wrote

She was struggling to find a comfortable position in which to sit. Jeeze


Longjumping_Form5858 t1_jdugcba wrote

She was struggling to find soap to wash her feet


Mercurial8 t1_jduib65 wrote

The dirty feet are the coolest thing about this photo (for me(duh))


CouchPotatoCharity t1_jdvn3tl wrote

Knew the foot guys would be here


Mercurial8 t1_jdvqo2m wrote

Oh, not that way, though those others seem to be interested

I just like that it’s often an indicator of a low maintenance person….probably not in this specific case though.


_njhiker t1_jdt9cqh wrote

Weren’t Holiday and Lucky Star released during fall of 1983 and Borderline in early 1984? I remember reading that Basquiat was dating her in 1983 and she was still relatively unknown outside of the NYC club scene as he would always introduce her as the next ‘big thing’


D34th_gr1nd t1_jdu7s4x wrote

This might have been taken before July. Just because a band has a ton of airplay on MTV or on the radio doesn't mean they were living comfortably.


heliskinki t1_jduggbg wrote

People think that as soon as a song is played on the radio the artist is minted :D


D34th_gr1nd t1_jduhj2q wrote

Exactly, I've met numerous bands who have been played on MTV, it's not always straight forward.


heliskinki t1_jdukdhe wrote

I lived with a guitarist whose band had a 3 album deal with a well-known independent label in the UK. The band had moderate success in this country, Europe and Australia, touring extensively in each country. He still had a full-time job to support himself.


dali01 t1_jdvfk3r wrote

Especially with how the labels screwed a lot of them back then. Possibly still? I don’t really follow that kind of stuff much but I remember it being a big deal in the early 90s about how many from the 70s/80s got really screwed over in their contracts.


Khambodia t1_jdvuzyy wrote

Just because YOU have more than 5 likes doesn't make uou a highly respected Redditor or living comfortably.


true___blue t1_jecgsg0 wrote

It was summer of 1983, she had only two songs out by then


true___blue t1_jecgpos wrote

She didn't have release them when the photoshoot was made, only two songs that didn't succeed a lot


Saint_Hell_Yeah t1_jdrqqd5 wrote

The internet would have me believe that is a million dollar apartment in nyc.


dumpmaster42069 t1_jdus8fo wrote

It would have been a pretty expensive place to live even then, but it would be crazy expensive today.


TheUpperHand t1_jdtbm93 wrote

Feet: dirty

Quentin Tarantino: [heavy breathing]


bkmo1962 t1_jdtigwe wrote

“I liked her early stuff, you know Borderline, but when she got into that ‘Papa Don’t Preach,’ I tuned out.”


THEBIGREDAPE t1_jdt6rqc wrote

I don't think that young Madonna would like old Madonna


nosmelc t1_jdt812l wrote

I don't think young Madonna would recognize old Madonna.


ddobson6 t1_jdth2tq wrote

Do we even know if this is Madonna? Pretty sure it’s a giant cat demon…. Ouch that was mean and uncalled for…I stand by it though..


true___blue t1_jecgxmu wrote

I don't think you know Madonna, especially the young one as you called her


OldMork t1_jdrmnou wrote

thats a decent sized plunger at sink there


klsi832 t1_jdsz1ya wrote

This just in- Madonna poops big


JonathanTrager t1_jdt9rm4 wrote

This just in- Madonna poops big in the sink


Mercurial8 t1_jduigm4 wrote

Things are easy when you poop big in the sink (sing to “Big in Japan”)


boethius70 t1_jdteztz wrote

Really? I’ve seen bigger ones but that one looks like nearly all of the super cheap plungers you find in every hardware store. Do they even make smaller plungers than this?


Mercurial8 t1_jduipeh wrote

You gotcher saw’d off, yer MOSSAD foldable, the Roma Accordians are potable (ha: edit to portable)and the Dutch have all sorts of shit.


Purge-The-Heretic t1_jdthufw wrote

After what she did to Weird Al she deserves no respect!


ClassicFashionGuy t1_jdumbfj wrote

What did Madonna do to Weird al?


Futuressobright t1_jdutr28 wrote

She got him hooked on drugs and then, when he refused to quit music to help her run the Medillin narcocartel, she had him shot onstage at the 1985 Grammy awards.


Purge-The-Heretic t1_jdv2m7s wrote

A fucking tragedy, but at least his music lives on.


Futuressobright t1_jdv8ddo wrote

I imagine him playing in heaven with the rest of the 27 Club.

You were too pure for this world, Al.



_Chronically_Online_ t1_jdu9ira wrote

Struggling in a giant apartment in NY... lol ok


OBlove t1_jdswgtn wrote

So awesome she became a struggling actress and successful singer!


JohnnyGFX t1_jdtbnvf wrote

Back when she still looked human.


chimp20 t1_jdtachn wrote

I thought I was the only one who kept their toilet plunger next to the kitchen sink 🤷🏻‍♂️


jayshalfnelson t1_jdtkfvu wrote

I like the plunger on the sink in the background. That sink musta backed up a lot?


GooseNYC t1_jdtpfpt wrote

By 1983 she was already making money.

Her first apartment just a few years earlier was wheb she squatted in an abandoned building, from what I have read.


mxassasin t1_jdtpkx5 wrote

Not struggling. Top tier Madonna.


D34th_gr1nd t1_jdu6g18 wrote

Two years before touring with the Beastie Boys!


venus974 t1_jdu9iug wrote

I love those jeans!


dirtycimments t1_jdugwcy wrote

Unbeknownst to all of us, there is a batshit crazy woman in that picture. The crazy woman won’t be visible for another 30 or 40 years though.


vignellis t1_jdusifv wrote

That’s one Amber Heard-looking Madonna


relaxyourshoulders t1_jduukoj wrote

The dirty feet and toilet plunger on the edge of the sink. We could’ve had a hot minute.


alamarain t1_jdv04px wrote

Wonder what the rent was


CotyClothingCo t1_jdubmrx wrote

Then she joined the clique and got famous instantly 💥👁👁‍🗨🌿


LowerBed5334 t1_jdue3h9 wrote

She was tryna act even back then? I didn't know that


deerbreed t1_jduednb wrote

Taking a breather after some heavy-duty plunging. In the end she decided to close the lid and pretend that log-jam didn't exist.


Maksamil t1_jdueyud wrote

I come from there and then.


jncheese t1_jdufgln wrote

Stuggling bad pipes?


pk666 t1_jdugsai wrote

What a great untamed era of Madonna and NYC.


*Puts on leather jacket and Desperately Seeking Susan*


deligonca t1_jdukcbx wrote

Did Tarantino take this picture?


keaslr t1_jdumyay wrote

Deutschen bundesadler auf der Brust?


Iggmeister t1_jdupgyp wrote

is that not a gargantuan sized apartment by NY standards?


Syhkane t1_jdus0md wrote

You could play baseball in that room damn.


Superb-Possibility-9 t1_jdusqe0 wrote

The year she hit the Billboard chart, the year before “ Like a Virgin” launched her into everyone’s consciousness. 40 years ago…


Shipwrecklou t1_jdutl6e wrote

She had it good. Should’ve seen my apartment at 22


M0rphysLaw t1_jduvdpu wrote

She was such a Fox. Crazy that she has maimed herself with cosmetic surgery instead of just gracefully growing old. She would still be beautiful.


ranwill t1_jdv1lxk wrote

Anyone recognize the t-shirt?


Crotch-jockey t1_jdvap9v wrote

I remember those T-shirts were very popular. I think it’s a European car logo.


garysvb t1_jdvbh2k wrote

1983 was the end of her struggles...she signed with a label in 82 and had her first big hit in 83 - Holiday. So, that's probably why the nice apartment.


uzer333 t1_jdvbk71 wrote

Plunger on the sink. Real life shit


Lost_Fun7095 t1_jdw7j87 wrote

Aw man….the LES in the 80s were the bomb! Cheap, real with all kinds of arty chicks who were down and authentic. Miss those days


[deleted] t1_jdx6npo wrote

The people that didn’t get to grow up with her when she was first starting out really missed something special.


greally t1_jdxe9cp wrote

She was way ahead of her time with the ripped jeans look.


bernieburner1 t1_jdsqjeh wrote

The feet are filthy. How about investing in a mop? Why is the LES always so dirty?


LeastChartLost t1_jdt7bv0 wrote

Why yo mama so fat?


bernieburner1 t1_jdtrm1c wrote

Oh yeah? Well, I had sex with your wife.


GrumpyCatStevens t1_jdx3yzs wrote

My wife is in a coma.


bernieburner1 t1_jdxrutp wrote

Peiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnp peirrrrrrrr pam pam pam pam pam pammmm pap pap pap pap paaaaaaaa pap pap pap pa

Peinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn peirrrrrr

Bob bob bop pap tssss


Cucumburrito t1_jdud8bx wrote

It’s not dirty, it’s grimy. And not for long, which makes me very sad.


Rare-Lime2451 t1_jduau2b wrote

Think I remember. Wonder what happened to her?


ianmoone1102 t1_jdunfm1 wrote

Now she's just struggling to be relevant. It's kinda sad what she's become, really.


T1S9A2R6 t1_jdvfoqe wrote

She accomplished a great deal and was relevant for at least three decades. She can knit scarves in a rocking chair on a porch somewhere ‘til she dies. Her legacy is sealed.


Cool-Profession-730 t1_jdtg53o wrote

This was back when she was more attractive than Roseanne Barr . Now , not so much


sierraty t1_jdt7xv3 wrote

Struggling to keep them feet clean. Dirty feet, dirty seat.


ScubaJim5 t1_jdtl7mf wrote

Her body count in 1983 is still higher than mine in 2023.


DrGamesley t1_jdt3s5l wrote

bro her feet are practically black


StinkeyHippy t1_jdtamma wrote

So nasty. Look at her dirty feet and a plunger on the stove. Wtf.


OpenEyz2016 t1_jdt8v23 wrote

Struggling with an apartment that big in NYC???



outonthetiles66 t1_jdtnnrh wrote

In 1983 New York was a fucking dump. That apt probably cost hardly anything to rent a month. You must be young.


sneakgeek1312 t1_jdss56h wrote

Ol hatchet face before the butchering.