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Expensive_Yak_7846 t1_je0cql5 wrote

Seems suspicious


notbob1959 t1_je0kuvq wrote

Yeah. The sign is period correct. Here is a porcelain sign from an auction that was marked “Made in Canada 1946 P.&M.”

However, the one in the photo looks far from brand new.

Great photo if it is authentic.


Islandosprey OP t1_je0ve72 wrote

My mother was born in 1936, so I am not sure how old she is in the picture but I am guessing less than 10 years old.


notbob1959 t1_je1lvci wrote

I want to believe the posted image is authentic but you just made it harder. The owner of the islandosprey account doxxed themselves in a comment in 2016 and the obit of that person's mother is online and says that she was born in 1930.


Islandosprey OP t1_je1zpto wrote

That's funny. I only wanted to share a picture I had that was precious to our family. Never thought it would be controversial. I will also share other pictures off the same roll in the same time period, so keep an eye out.


DRGWTM t1_je2wql2 wrote

Has that Greta Thunberg look.


cheeze_whiz_shampoo t1_je35vqi wrote

That is a great photograph. Truly, that is almost an iconic piece of Americana.