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creativeDepth90 t1_jdcdnla wrote

It seems so un-Bruce Campbell to have children, this is throwing my life into disarray


BurnerOnlyForPorn t1_jdd5sc4 wrote

I always assumed he had either zero kids or ten thousand kids, no in-between


Higira t1_jdd9nhe wrote

Didn't his son release a game last year? Did quick google. Yes it's called evil dead: the game. You can see yt vids of him and his son playing it lol


skellige-viking t1_jddh8gj wrote

His son made that game?! That’s awesome !!


brwnx t1_jddppir wrote

But he looks so small!


Sproose_Moose t1_jde3fw7 wrote

I had to look at his wiki and found this "Campbell is also ordained and has performed marriage ceremonies."

I now need to find someone to marry and get married by Bruce Campbell as Elvis. Bubba Ho-tep 2.


MathMaddox t1_jddohpc wrote

His kids must be 1068 years old at this point.


knowledgebass t1_jddyvvz wrote

From looking at the picture, I'm older than his kids and I'm just in my 40's. 😆


anticomet t1_jde04nk wrote

Dude this is a picture from 1300 AD. That's like at least seventy years ago


squishpitcher t1_jded0fw wrote

Idk, he always struck me as a super wholesome person irl. Obviously, I have no idea if that’s true, but that was the vibe I got. Him having kids seems totally on brand in that case.


Celefalas t1_jdej1ab wrote

Haha in the late 90s my friend group watched these films on Halloween for a few years and one year the biggest BC fan wrote to him and invited him to the party - he wrote back and politely declined :)


askyourmom469 t1_jdes111 wrote

For sure. He can be snarky sometimes, but it always comes across as tongue in cheek whenever he is. He seems like a dude who's genuinely proud of the legacy he's made for himself and is grateful to the fans that made that legacy possible.


SookHe t1_jdeonm0 wrote

How can the ladies resist such famous lines like 'Give me some sugar, baby' or 'Hail to the king, baby'



[deleted] t1_jdcd26t wrote



ViralParallel t1_jddng2j wrote

Something I've always loved thinking about in the Burn Notice universe is the absolutely batshit insane results that would come up if you ever googled the name Chuck Finley (yes I know there's a baseball player with that name). Like at any point one of those idiot criminals could just google the name and realize this person who just approached them is going to ruin their whole life... Damn I miss that show!


BrooklynSwimmer t1_jdeh1r7 wrote

In case someone else missed this: The show acknowledges in the season 5 special movie flashback, he picks up a magazine with Finely on the cover.


ViralParallel t1_jdehtu1 wrote

Yeah, I vaguely remember him trying to talk down a terrorist or something and the magazine is there so he introduces himself as such. I just wish that they had made reference at least once in the later seasons that Chuck Finley has a reputation, good or bad, just so Fi or Jesse could give him shit for using the same fake identity all the time. Hopefully they do a movie some day that addresses that.


graboidian t1_jdgg2ot wrote

> Chuck Finley has a reputation, good or bad,

Good,... Bad,... I'm The Guy With The Gun.


canz630 t1_jddxmkr wrote

I’m sorry but it’s spelled Brisco County Jr


nellie_1017 t1_jde9k1o wrote

When your father is R.Lee Ermey, you're automatically the baddest badass in the West!


sjmiv t1_jdeytaw wrote

I just started watching that show and it's so much fun


hoddap t1_jde0hjy wrote

At first I thought Jim Carrey. Then Nicolas Cage.


abgehling t1_jdek1o0 wrote

Came here to make this comment. He looks like a mix between them


r1ch999999 t1_jdcovug wrote

TIL that he has kids and I'm not sure how to process that information. I'm kind of glad that I never knew about them, despite being a fan since the early 90s. It means he was able to keep the spotlight off of them.


passwordsarehard_3 t1_jdcqr2k wrote

I know exactly enough to love him. He’s funny and he stays out of the news. Don’t care about his family, his vacations, what alcohol he drinks, none of it. He acts well in a genre I like and that’s always been enough for both of us.


monty_kurns t1_jdczndq wrote

I'd actually give his two memoirs a read. It gets a little into his personal life but I learned so much about his productions. You also get to know exactly how close he is with Sam Raimi and Ted Raimi. The first goes up to the late 90s when they produced Hercules and Xena while the second picks up around the time Spider-Man started production. For memoirs, they're very entertaining without him being full of himself.


GrimlockHolmes t1_jddtfdc wrote

Learning how they built their camera “dolly” was a lesson in budget filmmaking.


KneeDeepInTheDead t1_jddy90q wrote

Do they both cover the same ground or is one memoir more about a certain thing than the other?


monty_kurns t1_jddyrih wrote

They cover different ground. The first was published in 1999 and covers his childhood through the ups and downs of getting into the movie business and ends at the time it was published with him having a successful career. The second came out a few years ago and picks up where the first one left off, going over things like his career stalling in the early 2000s and then picking back up with stuff like Burn Notice, the Evil Dead remake, Ash vs Evil Dead, and more.


KneeDeepInTheDead t1_jddzec3 wrote

Ahh thank you for the breakdown! Ill probably pick up the first one first then. Thanks!


VimesWasRight t1_jdgupju wrote

His fiction books are great too. And I think all the audio books are read by him.


Sparrowbuck t1_jddueim wrote

I knew the personal trainer for McHales Navy, she said he was the nicest low key person ever.


SortofChef t1_jdcmr2i wrote

That dude deserves an Oscar for being that dude.


purpleefilthh t1_jddhke2 wrote

Imagine being taken to dad's workplace and it's the fucking set of Army of Darkness.


MathMaddox t1_jddoso4 wrote

For a follow up to such a low budget film, that is quite the set.


pugs-and-kisses t1_jddfb4c wrote

He’s had a lengthy career, but Bruce Campbell is the guy I would have loved to see get A List status.


SunshineAlways t1_jde4i5v wrote

I don’t know, maybe he was just famous enough to work fairly steadily doing what he loves, but mostly only deal with fans at conventions, while having a decent family life.


7empestOGT92 t1_jdcncb8 wrote

Those kids are there because their mother said hello to his boom stick


mwfairc t1_jddbxww wrote

I actually think they are there because he said, "gimme some sugar baby"


ndr29 t1_jdck6l3 wrote

Love that movie. It was my go to for sleepovers


Dorkamundo t1_jddjdm7 wrote

All right, you diminutive screwheads, LISTEN UP!


Ihatevry1 t1_jdcku77 wrote

Thats just pillow talk baby!


FamousOhioAppleHorn t1_jde4ywi wrote

You know spies. Bunch of bitchy little girls. Good news for you, I'm a drunk and a washout already, so I can talk to whoever I want, burned or no.


GingerBeast81 t1_jdd9968 wrote

Bruce Campbell by Psychostick is an awesome song! Strongly recommend it to any BC fans.


Brewbouy t1_jdeulxr wrote

I just looked it up on Amazon music and there's over a dozen more songs that use his name in the title. Then, there's the artist known as Bruce Campbell who may, or may not be, the man himself. I've never been so pleasantly confused in my life. Thanks for that strange rabbit hole.


GingerBeast81 t1_jdewoqi wrote

I'll have to take a look, the version I have on my phone is from spotify. Psychostick is a great band! "I can only count to four"(let the bodies hit the floor) is awesome and hilarious.


dominus83 t1_jddz1bx wrote

Klatu burrata…necktie?


Scottd13 t1_jde73kr wrote

Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun!


J005TAiN t1_jdckfgs wrote

Give me some sugar daddy


Littlebotweak t1_jde8f52 wrote

The absolute chin on this mofo. It is just unreal.


SQUID_FLOTILLA t1_jdejcog wrote

I'm reading his book right now, If Chins Could Kill. It is a great read!


TotalChicanery t1_jdek4cp wrote

Gonna get to meet him next month at Bruce-O-Rama! Can’t wait! Just gotta figure out if you’re supposed to shake his hand or his chin… 🤔


Bigingreen t1_jdeok4j wrote

Bruce Campbell is the finest man to grace the silver screen.


No_Spare3394 t1_jdeqvhj wrote

This man is my role model. Hail to the king baby best line ever


markelis t1_jdewxfj wrote

"Right now, you're in charge of Jack Shit; and Jack left town".


spazzing t1_jdd1cex wrote

Those are the coolest kids I’ve seen today.


shortribz85 t1_jdejmsv wrote

Just made lunch for Bruce the other day. He's on a Keanue level of being down to earth.


Mega-Steve t1_jdezovp wrote

I remember cracking open a fresh comic book and seeing the ad for this with the tagline "Trapped in time. Surrounded by Evil. Low on Gas". I was a huge fan of the Evil Deads, so I knew exactly what this was


pmich80 t1_jdfbdea wrote

One of my favorite movies of all time..


Tonlick t1_jdddjuw wrote

It really was an Army of Darkness


MathMaddox t1_jddo7rh wrote

No sugar was given to the baby.


MathMaddox t1_jddp0bs wrote

Looks like his swagger was genetic


Six66HC t1_jddyx0l wrote

didn't know he already had kids back then. I enjoyed this movie so much.


knowledgebass t1_jddz17i wrote

I like little man's mini-bomber jacket.


jonmatifa t1_jdef9kh wrote

What really came out of the necronomicon


nfasson t1_jdehzbx wrote

Wait a minute. You gotta understand, man. I never even saw these assholes before!


parrotnine t1_jdeiwgz wrote

Looks a little like Jim Carrey


greymalken t1_jdeod8a wrote

I’m pretty sure that little kid is Hal Jordan.


Max-Powah t1_jdf4386 wrote

That kid right there is cooler than I will ever be.


M-S-S t1_jdfkxfm wrote



Brianshoe t1_jdfq3sj wrote

Hey kids, ol double barrel here is gonna blow their butts to kingdom come!


ssp25 t1_jdfz8sc wrote

Gimme some candy, daddy!


Magilla1969 t1_jdhqzik wrote

He’s definitely a “specimen.”


ObjectiveAd9189 t1_jddzypz wrote

Guy seems like he saves all the charm for tb screen, asshole in real life.