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ViralParallel t1_jddng2j wrote

Something I've always loved thinking about in the Burn Notice universe is the absolutely batshit insane results that would come up if you ever googled the name Chuck Finley (yes I know there's a baseball player with that name). Like at any point one of those idiot criminals could just google the name and realize this person who just approached them is going to ruin their whole life... Damn I miss that show!


BrooklynSwimmer t1_jdeh1r7 wrote

In case someone else missed this: The show acknowledges in the season 5 special movie flashback, he picks up a magazine with Finely on the cover.


ViralParallel t1_jdehtu1 wrote

Yeah, I vaguely remember him trying to talk down a terrorist or something and the magazine is there so he introduces himself as such. I just wish that they had made reference at least once in the later seasons that Chuck Finley has a reputation, good or bad, just so Fi or Jesse could give him shit for using the same fake identity all the time. Hopefully they do a movie some day that addresses that.


graboidian t1_jdgg2ot wrote

> Chuck Finley has a reputation, good or bad,

Good,... Bad,... I'm The Guy With The Gun.