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almstlvnlf t1_je4tjxv wrote

Same! Still don't really want to look at it


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MulciberTenebras OP t1_je4ypf5 wrote

That film celebrated its 60th anniversary yesterday (March 28, 1963)


almstlvnlf t1_je8eizm wrote

Never watched The Birds. Grew up with my parents telling me stories about how they saw it in the theater, walked outside after the movie and pigeons were flapping around in parking lot. Freaked them out so much that they passed that stuff to me!


Airy_mtn t1_je65qz3 wrote

Same! The only others that scarred me for life were The Fly and Bad Seed.


turdferguson3891 t1_je4r7ai wrote

Me too. I don't know what Opium those filmmakers were smoking back then but it must have been good.


Juan_Carlo t1_je5idck wrote

Yes. Everything about OZ did, though. Even the Lion and the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. The makeup just looked so old and creepy and unlike Disney's anthropomorphized cartoon animals.


bcanada92 t1_je5d81x wrote

Same here. There's some uncanny valley shit going on with their faces. They looked a little too real— especially for 1939.


drwiki0074 t1_je61hm6 wrote

I thought I was the only one. Horrible. I mean, thinking back to it, I think it was just the way they looked, but the idea of monkeys that can fly is probably not that scary in real terms. I mean you'd have to worry about them maybe dropping a deuce on the hood of your car sometimes which would be pretty nasty. Ozzy Osbourn would approve though.

They'd probably put seagulls and pigeons to shame.


NJdeathproof t1_je62wq1 wrote

My mom is terrified of them - she still won't watch the movie to this day.

She also got freaked out by the hourglass scene in the witch's castle.


Affectionate_Tap6416 t1_je6ex2v wrote

I never knew they existed till i turned 40 because my mum covered my eyes when they came on. Only realised when my friend asked for me to make a flying monkey outfit for her dog! And they frightened me at 40!


MulciberTenebras OP t1_je4q0k8 wrote

Presumably they were testing the motor in the back of this monkey suit which made the wings flap.


ol_dirty_applesauce t1_je5r5w6 wrote

I grew up in the 80s, the era of the VCR and video rentals. I had a sister 9 years older than me, and all of my friends had older siblings. I saw so much shit I wasn't supposed to see as a young child -- Nightmare on Elm Street, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Faces of Death, etc. -- and those fucking monkeys in the Wizard of Oz scared me more than anything else I saw on film during that time of my life.


spasske t1_je74lm6 wrote

Slightly before then one had wait for them to show an edited for tv version to possibly air. This was the biggie so a kid might catch it once a year.


Salty_Fixer t1_je50ak8 wrote

I cannot look at this picture without hearing the music from that scene where the monkeys swoop down and grab Dorothy and Toto. You know the music …


mtntrail t1_je6rw8z wrote

So many nightmares as a kid reliving that scene. Also the Morlocks from The old Time Machine “1960”.


onlyspacemonkey t1_je5awcs wrote

this is definitely cool but also r/oddlyterrifying


mikeonmaui t1_je5ce6m wrote

The stuff of boyhood nightmares!! Flying monkeys!!! Mother’s explanation that it was all make-believe didn’t help much.

If I could imagine flying monkeys what else could I imagine??


crazythinker76 t1_je5ykj2 wrote

It might be fake, but it looks real, and that's what messes with you.


mikeonmaui t1_je6033r wrote

I had a ready ability to suspend disbelief with movies, plays and such entertainment. My parents did a good job of balancing my fears by explaining the nature of entertainment. This left my sense of wonder intact and this has served me well in life.


MaterialCarrot t1_je5n1sd wrote

The monkey costume is amazing, but the wings look a bit janky. Seems to look better in the film.


n2play t1_je6a1ea wrote

WoO has so many simple but imaginative effects that looked amazing on film that would just be CGI today.

The tornado was actual tornado footage when shown in the far distance but a coiling stocking with miniatures of the farm when shown approaching the house and a large burlap sack suspended from a truck running on an overhead track emitting a cloud of dust when shown close up.


McAleer3 t1_je6gch6 wrote

Ben stiller says yes to anything these days….


maybeinoregon t1_je5sv2g wrote

Jeez no wonder those things scared me as a kid…


Varanjar t1_je6ujf3 wrote

I think keeping the top part of the actor's face visible is the genius part of this costume design. Really puts it into the uncanny valley, and makes it seem like some tormented half-human creature that could have been created by an evil witch.


Two2Co t1_je77rn4 wrote

Hello there, OG nightmare fuel. You can leave now.


gorendor t1_je5v8q0 wrote

So creepy looking these old school designs were


SeaworthinessOne2114 t1_je5yr9h wrote

Think about it, no CGI just costumes. They achieved magic and in color.


crazythinker76 t1_je5z1k9 wrote

If this thing was photographed standing on a cliff or something, it would look proper. The screen test makes it look like this thing in in someone's living room. Get the shotgun!


guttegut3 t1_je60r8q wrote

And there was nobody thinking "gee, this is way too creepy to put in a kids movie"?


Mahgenetics t1_je61ctm wrote

Hearing all the horror stories about props and costumes from that movie, it wouldn’t surprise me if that costume had traces of asbestos, mercury, and lead in it


RedTrout811 t1_je64k1c wrote

Wonderful movie. Those Flying Monkeys. I think I'll pull out the dvd tonight.


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LeZoder t1_je6rt30 wrote

The Wizard of Oz has some pretty SICC ✅ costuming.

The dedication to the craft was amazing. I think I heard somewhere that the cowardly lion's costume was made from a real lion skin.

Of course there was the whole paint incident with the tin man and the Wicked witch :/


Original_A_Cast t1_je6xof8 wrote

TIL they were actually properly termed “bat wings and motor”


DylanJubilee3 t1_je7bggh wrote

I’m surprised this scares people. This is my favorite movie of all time.


whatever32657 t1_je7bzoh wrote

dang, even the flying monkeys had to screen test? they had no lines


Aphroditaeum t1_je7qm6m wrote

They definitely over shot the mark on the creepy factor on these monkey things. I know a lot of people that are really freaked out by these.


throwawayinthe818 t1_je85c3l wrote

That’s Pat Walshe inside the costume. Stood 3’8”. He’s 38 here. Died age 91 in 1991.

Edit: He was the last surviving credited actor from Wizard of Oz.


Majeye t1_je8p6ig wrote

r/mildlyinteresting The author of The Wizard of Oz once wrote (twice) about the entire extermination of American Indians.