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bigdog24681012 t1_jdx7g66 wrote

Typical celebrity! You leave those shopping carts at the store, silly…


DavoTB t1_jdxscob wrote

This from a series of photos taken by Annie Leibowitz in 1976, many of which eventually were published for the December 2, 1976 edition of ‘Rolling Stone‘ magazine. Though giving approval for the shoot, Linda and her manager Peter Asher were reportedly unhappy with the results.

Namely, the cover showed Linda in a skimpy red negligee, while the interior shots depicted her ironing a garment and in another stretching across her bed on her stomach. Some commented this one made her “look like a piece of meat.”

Leibowitz did not back down, and ended up working several times with Linda for future magazine covers.


uadmlj1 t1_jdxw7v3 wrote

For some reason this does not look like her to me, at all.


Testy_MacTestry t1_jdx7fdl wrote

Senor plow no es macho, y solemente un baracho.


WeirdEngineerDude t1_jdxft8a wrote

I was just listening to her “Heart Like A Wheel” album today


TheRealMarklar t1_jdy1qe4 wrote

When I scrolled by I was thinking this was Noel getting ready for the next season of the baking show.


rrl t1_jdybfcm wrote

Jerry Brown had good taste


Kevin_Rios t1_jdycrdu wrote

Beautiful voice, loved her rendition of Fred Neil's 'Dolphins.'


MalibuHulaDuck OP t1_je397t3 wrote

My favorite of hers is her first hit (with The Stone Poneys), “Different Drum” (from early-1968).