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goteamnick t1_je42q87 wrote

We think about Woodstock as people living a wild hippy lifestyle, but nearly everyone there would have been back at work on the Monday, and their co-workers would be like "Hey Barbara. Did you get up to anything this weekend?"


MalibuHulaDuck OP t1_je43g89 wrote

Idk tbh I’ve seen the documentary on Woodstock (which was released in theaters the following year). It includes a girl there being interviewed on how her parents had disowned her because she’d run away from home to join a caravan of hippie guys. It shows people walking around just naked, some couples with their little children. People bathing in a lake (as usual for them). Everyone high out of their minds rambling philosophical deep thoughts to the camera I have no clue what they were trying to say.


goteamnick t1_je49eln wrote

Most people you see in that documentary are rock and roll stars, but they also don't account for most of the people there that weekend.


MalibuHulaDuck OP t1_je49ik1 wrote

They were attendees being filmed and interviewed. Not the performers. Yes we see the music performances but much of the movie is spent on the attendees.