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SoylentGrunt t1_jefn2xm wrote

Reply to comment by idliketoseethat in Barry Goldwater, 1967 by FNTM_309

The left is just as indoctrinated (brainwashed) as the right and equally rabid in their blind dedication to their own side of the same control system the rich man has allowed them to choose from. Subtle nuance escapes a great many people in here. There is absolutely no common ground between left and right allowed now. None. If anyone says something about "the enemy" the other side doesn't understand they take it as an attack on their side. That and there's an extremely broad demographic on Reddit. Some of which just plain can't pick up on what's being laid down so they assume the worst and downvote.

The majority of your truly educated and smart people wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this. They simply have better things to do with their time. There's smart people on here but you're not going to see Noam Chomsky posting memes. I doubt many would get them if he did.

There was a study done that says once a comment gets a downvote chances are it will continue to be downvoted. Like when people will buy the product there's the least of on a store shelf assuming those that came before knew something they didn't and they best follow suit.

A mod somewhere said lefties dogpile with facts. Righties attack like vicious dogs. Mods just want the reports to stop. The easiest way to do that is ban the source of the reports. Right and wrong doesn't enter into it.

I went looking for stories online about how Reddit works when I first got here. Bottom line is it's a free site and you get what you pay for. Lowest common denominator rules.

Karma is a control system to keep you in line. There's no way Reddit will spend the money to accurately police a site this big.

Don't ask me for sources. You have the same internet I have and I can't be expected to remember where I found every last single thing I ever seen on the internet. (that gets me downvoted lol)


TuPacSchwartz411 t1_jegm15h wrote

Lyndon Johnson had a nice quote about keeping African Americans to vote Democrat except he didn't use the term "African American".