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ElizaPlume212 t1_jdyifw9 wrote

Reply to comment by asap_pdq_wtf in Dolly Parton 1970s by down_bears

People tried to make a scandal of her marriage--that she travels without her husband, isn't seen in public with him.

She said he doesn't like the traveling she has to do. As for not being seen out with him, they DO go out, but she dresses casually, without the wig and outrageous clothes or heavy makeup. She goes out as his wife, not as Dolly Parton the Celebrity. I've read it's difficult to recognize her and I don't think too many photos of him exist.


typhoidtimmy t1_jdyvkzi wrote

And honestly, I’ve known guys like him.

Perfectly happy with simplicity in his own life without interfering with hers. It’s interesting as I wouldn’t be surprised if Carl is probably her rock. Able to give her an expectation of home and a good dependable person back there she can just be herself around.

It may sound kinda like he does nothing but really think about it. He keeps her grounded, shows her it’s ok to enjoy the little things in life, reminds her that, while she is extremely talented, she is still the lady he fell in love with when they were unknown, encourages her to strive to do what she wants to do, refrains from even being in the background or commenting on her, and never tries to be anything by a devoted husband.

Overall, Carl is probably the perfect celebrity husband for her (and probably a lot of celebrity women to be honest). Hell, I don’t have a bad word to say about the guy as it seems he never impeded Dolly in any way and ‘gave her’ to the world and by that, showed us why she is a beautiful and talented songwriter, singer, lady, and legend by her own hand.

You may not be of faith….but if there is one, God bless Dolly Parton.


trilliam_clinton t1_jdzwwqt wrote

Stay at home husband to a smoking hot nearly Billionaire wife of over 50 years. Guy has it made to be honest.


funksicle t1_je00bwo wrote

He wasn't a stay-at-home dude for most of their lives. Until he retired, guy was in the asphalt business which is so perfectly salt of the earth.


Duke-Morales t1_je1a3ep wrote

I'm not at all of faith, but even I recognize the woman is a saint with the voice of an angel.