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goddamnzilla t1_jdc61fx wrote

What’s chucky doing to you?


HumanRaceEqualsTrash OP t1_jdc6c10 wrote

Spanking Me With His Thick Pink Tail 5 Times.


DavoTB t1_jdcyxso wrote

Chucky gave you the tail! Shocking!

What kind of world do we live in!?


OregonTripleBeam t1_jdccipi wrote

Back when Chuck E Cheese was a much, much different experience. I took my kids to a location last month and it was pretty terrible.


StumpGrnder t1_jdceloa wrote

I recall it being terrible back then as well


Butt_Fucking_Smurfs t1_jdcubne wrote

It's one of the reasons that overpriced place got a liquor license. I used to work there as a cook. I fucking hated them telling me to put on the suits. You don't pay me enough


BuffaloBill69- t1_jdd3eds wrote

I have a picture of me on my 1st birthday at Chuck E Cheese in 99 and I was terrified of chucky you can see my face ready to cry lol


PickleBeast t1_jdddh0j wrote

I had my 4th bday party at Showbiz, I wasn’t a huge fan of the animatronics (didn’t trust them) but I loved the ride where you were strapped into a seat and just rotated around clockwise lol. I remember I got really upset bc I’d never had or been to a birthday party before and I didn’t understand the concept of “treat bags” so I thought my mom was just straight up giving my presents away.