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blowthepoke t1_jdtpkuv wrote

Not that I spend a lot of time looking at Alice Cooper, but that looks nothing like what I remember him to look like 🤣


qinyongrong t1_jdtmmrs wrote

Alice Cooper is magic.

He clearly stole that beer from the still life painting behind him.


EarsMcGears t1_jdtmpou wrote

For Once…. I’m Speechless; No Comeback


SoylentGrunt t1_jdtnqnh wrote

Amsterdam? Judging from their eyes I think we just deduced one of the the colonel's secret herbs and spices,,,


Unable_Duty7809 t1_jdu7b2h wrote

If you haven't taken the time to read up on Harland Sanders he actually had an incredibly interesting life.

I mean looking at those two you might think there's no chance that he had a crazier life than Alice Cooper... I'm not saying he did, I'm not saying he didn't, I'm just saying it's a lot closer than you might think.


Revolutionary-Hat-96 t1_jdtpqw3 wrote

Alice Cooper was born in 1948. He is 26 years old here. Seems older.


Wompats4Bajor t1_jdutvx5 wrote

Love Alice. Billion Dollar Babies is flawless. It's a miracle he was able to survive, considering the pervasive and extreme nature of the alcoholism he suffered from. Probably wouldn't have made it tho if he had been addicted to the Colonel's original recipe, instead.

Damn, it's been a couple years, I think I want some KFC.


Plonsky2 t1_jdtzfmo wrote

I've met Alice twice so far. The Colonel, never.


choosemymajor t1_jdtzxl3 wrote

Lifetime of drumsticks did my man dirty


ynazuma t1_jdwacyi wrote

That was one wild party. The geese were about to arrive


Kali_Drummer t1_jdwrzn0 wrote

Col. Sanders looks like he's back from Refrigerator Heaven


C205- t1_jdubc5r wrote

Colonel Sanders, the OG of stolen valor.


AlexDKZ t1_jdvae29 wrote

>stolen valor

Well, he did have a legit title of "Kentucky Colonel" given by the governor. But yeah, it would be like an actor or a musician being given an honorary doctorate by a college and then insisting to be addressed as a doctor, kinda dickish.